3 Types of Fire Prevention

3 Types of Fire Prevention


Fire safety is a vital aspect of community safety, health, and overall wellbeing. You need to take a multi-faceted approach, with multiple different prevention types. Here are three types of fire prevention.

1. Active Prevention

Active prevention refers to detecting and suppressing fires manually or automatically. Some active fire prevention is installed when a building is constructed and can therefore be difficult to replace or repair. Other aspects of this type of prevention are more mobile and easily inspected. For example, fire safety services NYC encompass many types of active prevention, including sprinklers, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and other installations and tools.

2. Education

Education is the earliest step in a fire prevention service. You need to be educated in fire safety, prevention, and suppression in order to follow passive prevention guidelines and use active prevention methods. Different people need education in different areas of fire safety. Many members of the general public, including children, are educated in fire drills, doing their parts to prevent wildfires and how to use fire extinguishers. Property owners and operators need to know how their buildings’ individual systems work. First responders get the most training in fire safety so they can protect themselves and others.

3. Passive Prevention

Passive prevention refers to systems and functions installed into and around a building’s internal structure to mitigate spread in case a fire does break out. Many of these installations also help mitigate the spread of smoke and climbing temperatures. Common passive fire prevention methods include firewalls, fire-rated floor, and wall assemblies, fire dampers, and fire-resistant coatings.

The best way to prevent fires is to educate people and also install various types of active and passive prevention. This multi-layered system helps make fire prevention more likely and makes it easier to extinguish fires if they do occur.

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