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4 Pillars of Digital Intelligence

by Team Techager
4 Pillars of Digital Intelligence

Digitization has transformed the way we live and conduct our daily lives in equanimity with technological advances that impact industrial and economic growth. Right from intelligent kitchen solutions that aid in cooking healthier meals quickly and easily to aids to help us sleep better, digital presence is felt in every little thing we do. Human beings perhaps did not even pause to soak every aspect of the technological transformations that have changed the basics of our routine. Nowadays, we brush our teeth with a USB-charged electronic toothbrush. Our homes are fitted with smart devices that can be operated through our smartphones even when we are away. One can observe all that is happening in their home and office spaces from a remote location with the help of cameras that can be operated from smartphones. 

Digital intelligence needs to be ingrained

Human intelligence can be measured in terms of IQ scores and is a result of a combination of cognitive and congenital skills of a person developed through experiences and education. Contrarily, digital intelligence, s combination of all the social, emotional, and trained traits that develop the cognitive skills required to handle the digital world without feeling flustered or taxed are still in the nascent stage compared to human intelligence. 

It is necessary to develop all the traits that can enhance the digital intelligence of a person to be self-sustained. In a fast-moving world where everything happens at the touch of a button and automation is the base fabric of daily routine, digital intelligence is a prerequisite skill. No one will be excused for not coping with digital intelligence. 

It can also be observed that kids are taking a fancy to phones and other gadgets. Interestingly they also operate them most times better than an adult. It is surprising how much and how fast kids learn through digital mediums that are not even part of their curriculum. They observe and learn within a few strokes of practice. 

Accountable digital intelligence practices 

Older order gives way to new and it becomes a norm. The last decade has witnessed digital transformation at dizzying speeds and the whole need to introduce it in a structured manner to the end user was pushed to the back burner. Now when there are episodes of perils of digital intelligence via unscrupulous malpractices like hackers who either steal money or the identity of the person, the need for digital intelligence accounting practices has not come forth. 

As long as people are going to shy away from being completely digitally involved in their financial matters and other sensitive information, there will be some hacker on the prowl waiting to attack them from the dark internet spaces. 

By following the four pillars of accountability, digital intelligence integrity can be a shared onus with both enablers and users:

  • People 

The people who are end users of digitization will have varying needs and comprehension levels and will need the training to use digital products that match their abilities. Without addressing the need to train their customers to use their bank accounts through mobile apps, banks cannot hope to reduce fraud and increase the outreach to their customers through targeted advertising based on their consumption patterns. So it is a win-win situation for enablers to provide videos and other modes of training to customers who are not tech savvy with doubts about using their phones. 

  • Purpose

The training has to cover all the aspects of the purpose for which the digital training is being provided. It is important to cover even the basics even if the topics seem redundant or obvious. Often it is seen that people who have spent years gaining experience in other facets of life that are equally important don’t have a basic computer or mobile skills to understand digital products. They cannot operate their smart TVs, phones, tablets, laptops, or even car panels without seeking the help of another person. An interdependence at such a level can be catastrophic and there is an urgent need for disruptive education. Only through targeted training that meets the purpose, can there be an equilibrium that will help the world remain a progressive place to move on. 

  • Performance

The effect of the digital training will gauge the performance of the people who feel comfortable using digital products and embracing the newfound freedom to use all the plethora of products that they shied away from trying on earlier. This will result in both pros and cons. With less use of human intelligence and a reign of artificial intelligence in our life, the emotional connection may be lost. But as human beings who can reason beyond numbers, if we maintain the balance between digital intelligence and emotional intelligence, the desired performance will be achieved.

  • Progression

When accountability of digital intelligence is mapped the results should not be flash-in-the-pan success stories. It has to be a series of progressive wins and failures that became the stepping stones to new achievements.

The core of data intelligence framework

Data intelligence in the corporate world will encompass the regular hard-working teams with core skill sets that will further improve their employee experience. When a company considers the core functional pillars when designing its data intelligence framework, they have to look into the following points:

  1. Data

Data sources have to be correct for building enterprise models that emphasize unified truth. It is a business-centric method of developing any digital product. Data mesh that can eliminate duplicate and redundant sources from the ones that are required in developing a distributed architecture for effective data management will be a primary requisite. 

  1. Compatibility of the technology ecosystem

Any software that can integrate with all the popular and commonly used tech ecosystems like IoS and android will help in achieving compatibility.


In a world that recognizes voice command to open the door and recognition iris to open important safes, security is paramount. Without adequate measures to develop digital intelligence, the world will move into a precarious zone. It is the need of the hour to train oneself and their people to be digitally compliant. 

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