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Ways in Which Car Insurance Gives You Peace of Mind

by Team Techager
Ways in Which Car Insurance Gives You Peace of Mind

The first and foremost thing to do when you buy your dream car is to secure it with a car insurance policy. According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, every car owner in India is expected to own and possess at least a basic third-party insurance policy, regardless of whether is a new or old car. You could also secure your car with comprehensive insurance coverage, and it does not have to cost a fortune as FreewayInsurance.com is also an option. While the third-party liability cover protects you against financial and legal liabilities due to damages caused or suffered by a third party, due to your insured vehicle, comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, protects your car from any damages or losses caused or incurred, along with any third-party liability. Listed below are 5 ways in which car insurance gives you peace of mind.

5 Ways in Which Car Insurance Gives You Peace of Mind

Exhaustive Coverage:

When you buy a car insurance policy, you are covered under the following circumstances:

  • If your car is damaged in an accident, fire, or by self-ignition
  • Damages or losses caused by terrorism, protests, riots, burglary, theft, etc.
  • Losses or damages when your vehicle is being transported by railways, waterways, airways, roadways, etc.
  • Protection against a fatal accident causing death or permanent complete disability.
  • Coverage for passengers, in case of an accident.
  • Losses or damages caused to a third party or his/her property.
  • Liabilities that arise out of a third party’s death or any physical injuries suffered.
Exhaustive Coverage

Extensive Network of Garages:

Getting a car insurance policy from a reputed insurer is the access to their extensive network of garages. If you thought it can’t get any sweeter than this, you’re wrong. Because insurers allow their customers to get their cars repaired and replaced at any of their garages and avail of a cashless settlement. This keeps you far away from the stress of having to choose a trustworthy garage and arrange for funds for repairs.

The Reward of No-Claim Bonus (NCB):

One of the best things about getting a car insurance policy is enjoying the benefit of NCB. Any and every customer is qualified provided they do not make a claim during their entire policy tenure. This is given in the form of a discount on the premium costs during their policy renewal.

Easy Online Purchase:

Generally, when it comes to buying car insurance policies, there is quite a lot of process and paperwork involved. However, all thanks to technology, now you do not have to go through a drawn-out process, instead, finish it in a much simpler and faster manner.

Reliable Customer Support:

Any and every reputable insurance provider employs the best of knowledgeable staff to assist all their customers, addressing their queries, concerns and grievances, if any. They also go as far as enabling live chat services to ensure that your problems are resolved without delay. This way, all your needs and requirements are immediately taken care of keeping you stress-free.

When you buy car insurance, it also comes with total peace of mind. You can rest assured that you will face no financial difficulties, in case of any losses or damages to your vehicle or to other third parties. You can be sure that even if your car or belongings are stolen or damaged, you will be duly compensated, letting you live in peace.

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