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5 ways QR codes on medicine packaging provide convenience to consumers

by Team Techager
5 ways QR codes on medicine packaging provide convenience to consumers

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) in India wanted all pharmaceutical drugs with active ingredients to have QR codes.

And with a trusted QR code generator online tool, medicine manufacturers can now easily create QR codes for their product packaging.

Many pharmaceutical and healthcare companies use them on their labels, prescriptions, and promotional materials to provide complete and accurate drug information.

How can the medicine industry benefit from adding QR codes to the packaging of their products? Below are a few examples.

Product authentication

The primary purpose of including QR codes on pharmaceutical packaging is to facilitate product authentication.

The QR code can redirect consumers to the brand’s official website, where they will find the medicine authentic.

It can also show unique details about the product, such as its serial number and date of manufacture. Buyers can then run these on the medicine’s website for cross-checking.

Instant access to websites

Drug manufacturers and brands can create a QR code on medicine packaging that will take their consumers to their official website.

Here, they can find accurate drug information, product updates, and other related information such as proper dosage and correct time intervals when taking medicines.

Medicine companies can also use their website to raise awareness on important health matters, such as antibiotic resistance and the harmful effects of self-medication.

Video guides

66% percent of people prefer watching videos when looking for information. They find it easier to learn from videos compared to other media forms.

Take advantage of this by providing video guides on the proper administration of medicines. You can then embed these within a video QR code.

Pharmaceutical companies can print these QR codes on the packaging. Upon scanning, consumers will find the video and play it on their smartphones.

Consumer feedback

Customer feedback is essential when you run a business because it will determine your next step for improvement.

Putting a Google Form QR code on your products is one innovative and effective way of hearing your consumers’ comments.

When scanned, it will direct consumers to a survey form where they can rate the product and offer feedback on how it has benefited them.

Digital manuals

The usual packaging of a product will only have limited space for product information. But with a file QR code, you can provide detailed manuals and complete instructions.

By scanning a file QR code, your audience will see the file on their smartphones. They will then have the option to download it on their device.

Give valuable information to your customers with QR codes

QR code technology proves to be extremely useful today. Its ability to give information in a matter of seconds makes it helpful in the pharmaceutical industry.

Consumers can access thorough details about a particular drug with one scan using their smartphones. This can help avoid instances of allergies and adverse reactions.

Discover various QR code solutions for medicine packaging with the most advanced QR code software as QRTIGER. Create your QR codes today.

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