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5 Ways To Save On Your Energy Bill

by Team Techager
Ways To Save On Your Energy Bill

Looking to cut back on your energy bill? Make an immediate difference in your energy costs with these five easy changes. 

1. Turn Off Equipment When Not In Use

If you have any electrical appliances or lights that aren’t being used, turn them off. If you are going on vacation, turn off things like your computers, coffee makers, and other devices that would use power while you are gone. This will help reduce unnecessary energy consumption and lower your monthly utility bills.

2. Install High-efficiency Doors and Windows

Windows play a big part in a home’s overall energy consumption and cost. Investing in high-efficiency windows will maintain the temperature of your home more effectively than older, inefficient windows and doors. Look for the Energy Star label to ensure you are purchasing the most efficient products available.

3. Install Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps use electricity to move energy from one location into another– what this means for homeowners is that there is now an affordable way to heat your home without burning fossil fuels. With air source heat pumps, you can keep your home hot in the winter and cool and dry in the summer. Using a well-designed air source heat pump system will have a dramatic effect on your home’s carbon footprint, and could help provide significant savings on your energy cost.

4. Install New Insulation 

Insulation is essential for keeping warm air inside your home and preventing cold winter air from making its way into your home. Whether you go with blown insulation or batts insulation, replacing old insulation with new insulation will put a greater barrier between you and the outdoors. Consult a local contractor for the right insulation for your home.

5. Adjust Thermostat Settings

Adjusting your thermostat by 1 or 2 degrees can significantly reduce your energy usage and lower your electric bills. Or consider WMGLD’s Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Program.

The average homeowner spends about $2,200 on energy bills each year. Energy Star qualified appliances use about 10-15% less energy than standard models. Appliances that have earned the Energy Star label save money and the environment.

Putting It All Together

These suggestions might sound like common sense, but sometimes we overlook simple steps that can help you save more money and the environment at the same time. So keep these tips in mind the next time you are looking around your home, and you just might find ways to help save. Lastly, if you are a Wakefield resident, or a business owner in Wakefield, the Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department (WMGLD) is always available to help you start saving on your energy costs today. Call their main number at 781-246-6363 for more information.

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