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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Gas & Oil Business More Eco-Friendly

by Team Techager
6 Simple Ways to Make Your Gas & Oil Business More Eco-Friendly

Understanding environmental issues and making active efforts to reduce environmental impacts have been hot topics in the public over the last few years. The need to combat climate change has pushed nearly all industries to enhance their processes, even those that were seen as innately unsustainable. This includes the oil and gas industry, a sector that is currently facing a lot of pressure to come up with greener solutions. If you want your oil and gas business to become more eco-friendly as well, here are some simple tips that might help:

1.      Streamline your processes

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a great technological advancement that is slowly taking over data harvesting and analytics. Fortunately, this change is truly for the better. Recent research suggests that a significant percentage of off-shore platforms are currently running on 60-70% of optimal efficiency, an issue that can cost oil and gas companies billions of dollars each year. That is why it’s recommended to leverage the data collected by AI systems to streamline your day-to-day operations. As a result, this increase in operational efficiency can help to reduce waste and your overall environmental impact as well.

2.      Move to more digital oilfields

There’s no reason to stop at data collection and analytics. The digitization of the oil and gas sector has been on a steady rise in recent years, possibly even moving us closer to the point where we have great foundations for creating entirely digital oilfields. Naturally, creative thinking and problem-solving will still be important human factors, but they will be backed by data and smart AI systems. When it comes to oil extraction, most mundane and repetitive tasks will be automated and run by machines, consequently allowing oil and gas companies to reach optimal efficiency while minimizing their environmental impact.

3.      Invest in better equipment

The equipment you use can have a great impact on your overall efficiency as well. For instance, more effective drilling fluid solutions can aid in the drilling process and make the entire operation more stable, thus delivering more productive and cost-effective results. The same can be true for any other piece of equipment you use. Outdated tools and machinery won’t only come with frequent repairs and high costs; they can prolong operations and significantly reduce efficiency as well. Aim to replace your equipment with newer and more effective alternatives to improve your results.

4.      Prioritize renewable energy

Increasing operational efficiency is only the beginning of the sector’s eco-friendly possibilities. The move toward renewable energy is another critical aspect of the global sustainability movement, and a factor all oil and gas companies should consider. While your company may be focused on fossil fuels, just likely many others, it can still be run by renewable resources. This will enable you to offset your emissions and neutralize your environmental impact, possibly even attracting new clients and customers through your green practices in the process.

5.      Consider oil recycling solutions

Even though oil recycling may not be a novel idea, it is slowly rising in popularity among oil and gas companies aiming to become more eco-friendly. You may want to think about using small-scale waste-oil micro-refinery units to transform used oil into diesel fuel as well. This solution might seem more attractive once you take into consideration the fact that oil recycling tends to be more affordable and commercially viable compared with a number of available oil disposal methods. By providing fuel for any ongoing operations, oil recycling can present the ideal compromise between producing revenue and becoming more environmentally friendly.

6.      Focus on social responsibility

The concept of the green economy goes far beyond the narrow aspect of sustainable industrial operations. Core values of this idea also include empowering the workforce, fair labor compensation, creating opportunities for better livelihoods, as well as integrated governance. This is one area where your company might be able to make the largest improvements. Embrace higher social responsibility, enhance your typical work conditions on the field, and grant the public access to your processes. This will make you appear as a much greener and more conscious business worthy of customer loyalty.

Although not an inherently sustainable industry, businesses in the oil and gas sector still have a number of opportunities to become more eco-friendly. The advice mentioned above can help to steer your company in the right direction.

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