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7 Best Manufacturing Management Software Solutions for 2022

by Uneeb Khan
7 Best Manufacturing Management Software Solutions for 2022

The manufacturing industry is no stranger to innovations. It has been adopting new technologies and solutions to improve productivity and efficiency for decades. That has led to the creation of some incredibly complex systems that prove to be extremely hard to manage and maintain. 

Over the years, as computing power increased, new technologies are designed to help businesses simplify their processes and increase efficiency. Software solutions designed to help manage manufacturing plants became the norm, and today, there are hundreds of solutions that can help improve manufacturing practices. Let’s see which ones are the best and what benefits they provide. You can also use CartonCloud which you can make your logistics, simple.

Manufacturing Management Software Explained

Manufacturing management software or enterprise resource planning as it’s better known is a type of software designed to simplify planning, managing, and other processes in manufacturing. These solutions improve flexibility by integrating with existing processes.

The goal is to help manufacturers increase organizational efficiency and simplify resource management without losing quality. In practice, the software gives manufacturers the ability to manage all key aspects of their operation from a single, easy-to-use, dashboard.

Best Manufacturing Management Software Solutions

Now that you understand what this software is used for, let’s look at some of the best options on the market. Of course, there are many more ERP software solutions available, but the ones on our list are considered the best on the markets.

1. Wizata

Wizata is a digital platform for manufacturing optimization that uses artificial intelligence in manufacturing to improve existing processes. It’s a top-end software solution that offers easy integration with existing systems and runs completely from a cloud. It’s designed to help improve all manufacturing processes from the planning stage to production. 

The software comes with advanced features including Digital Twin technology, cloud storage, and edge communications. It can be fully customized to fit your unique systems, and the entire process is done without any coding involved. Once applied, the software is able to improve legacy workflows and automate various processes. Wizata manufacturing software is designed to give you a competitive edge, improve security and monitoring, and open new business opportunities.

2. Netsuite Manufacturing

Netsuit’s manufacturing management software solution is also a cloud-based ERP that comes with everything you need to improve existing processes. It’s a modern manufacturing solution that helps support unique business needs. 

The fact that it’s cloud-based software means that your team members can access the dashboard from anywhere in the world. After the setup is complete, the software helps streamline orders, improve supply chain management, and help plan and schedule projects. It also provides advanced reports and accurate control over shop floor and production processes.

3. Global Shop Solutions

Global Shop Solutions is software developed by a small family company. It’s not as famous as some other ERP systems, but it’s designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Apart from offering a well-designed dashboard, the software features a CAD interface used to run simulations and improve product design.

GSS also comes with a built-in CRM solution and a feature that helps manage advertising efforts. Other key features include inventory management, quality control, and an effective internal messaging system for easy communication. 

4. HubStaff

HubStaff takes a different approach to manufacturing project management. It’s designed to help manage projects and improve employee efficiency. It’s designed to work perfectly on all devices including mobile phones, desktop computers, and laptops. 

The software has advanced GPS time-tracking abilities that allow you to track every asset or worker in real-time. Managers can use it to stay on top of projects, no matter how complex they might be. Accurate scheduling and automatic alerts will ensure that all tasks are completed on time. Finally, the software also features an automated payroll calculator, simple invoicing, and budget management.


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5. PodSmart

PodSmart is one of the most popular manufacturing execution system software (MES) available on the market. It’s designed with only one goal – to connect machinery, workers, and processes into one easily-manageable system. 

As such, it has detailed real-time tracking features and even more accurate reports. The dashboard is easy to master. It’s designed to make planning, resource management, scheduling, and tracking as easy as possible. PodSmart also comes with a built-in employee communication system, and it’s widely used for quality management. You can try a 14-day trial for free, and get a custom, paid solution if you like how it works.

6. Fishbowl Manufacturing

Fishbowl Manufacturing is another hugely popular ERP solution used by manufacturers all over the world. It’s designed for small and medium-sized businesses, and it uses automation to increase efficiency and productivity. The software is perfect for handling demanding work orders, material bills, and many other processes that usually slow down production.

The software uses automation to handle all batch, custom, and repair orders. It’s also great for lot tracking and serial number tracking as well. Your managers can use it to process work orders, provide instructions, calculate expenses, and manage orders. Lastly, it offers complete integration with QuickBooks and Xero. 

7. uniPoint

If you’re looking for software that can help you improve quality management, uniPoint is an excellent choice. It’s the leading quality management software for the manufacturing, and it comes with a long list of tools designed to improve efficiency.

That includes ERP integration with QMS, so it’s a great choice for automotive, chemical, medical, and many other industries. The software comes with all kinds of tools and features divided into three primary modules core, web, and add-on. Every model offers unique tools, but all of them use automation to improve existing processes


Manufacturing management software solutions are redefining entire industries from the ground up. These software solutions use innovation to improve manufacturing processes and help companies prepare for the future. 

Features such as automation, time-tracking, project planning, inventory management, communication, and many others are combined to provide companies with unprecedented control over all internal processes. Any of the solutions above will help you increase productivity and save costs. The sooner you adopt this new technology, the more success your company will have in the future.

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