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7 Interesting Random Facts And Stats About TikTok

by Team Techager
7 Interesting Random Facts And Stats About TikTok

While an increasing number of companies and brands are embracing TikTok for promotion, many people are still unaware of the excitement. And if you have never thought of TikTok, you are probably well behind the times.

We all understand that it seems like the latest craze or application emerges every day in this digitalized world. While you may dismiss many of these dramatisations, TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing software, deserves special notice. TikTok has garnered millions of viewers throughout the world in a brief period. 

With the more demand and high competition in this platform, every individual and marketer need to understand and adapt the trends, stats and facts about TikTok to stay on top. Are you not aware of anything mentioned above? Don’t worry, as we have compiled a list of things to help you in all possible ways. 

TikTok Is The Globe’s Seventh Most Popular Social Media Network

TikTok is ranked 7th on a survey of the largest major social networks by monthly engaged visitors, as of the most recent information present at publication. Although it outperforms competitors such as Snapchat, it lags below Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, YouTube, and Facebook. TikTok allows its users to buy tiktok views split to uplift their performance. 

It is also important to note that TikTok is expanding at a breakneck pace with no indications of letting down. If we could bet, then we could say it will be at its peak in the substantial years.

Trollishly: TikTok Has 732 Engaged Monthly Global User Base 

Though 732 million may not appear like much when contrasted to Facebook’s 2.8 billion, it is still a considerable number considering TikTok has only been around for approximately five years. In relation, Facebook has been available for 17 years, more than three times as long as TikTok, and it ended up taking Facebook about seven years to hit the same amount of users as TikTok.

Those different figures are also difficult to comprehend, so think about the fact that the world’s population is estimated to be around 7.6 billion individuals. That translates to roughly one out of every ten humans using TikTok. You can also join hands with service providers like Trollishly to make better traction with your profile. 

The Majority Of TikTok Users In The Us Are Around The Ages Of 10 And 19

Given the popularity of TikTok among youngsters, it must serve as no wonder that the most preferred age group for Twitter users is 10 to 19. In this age group, 25% of users are teenagers. What’s more striking is that TikTok’s user base is very evenly distributed in age. Another 22.4 percent of users are around the ages of 20 to 29, 21.7 percent are around the ages of 30to 39, 20.3 percent are around the ages of 40 to 49, and 11 percent are beyond 50. As you can notice, there is not much of a distinction between these numbers, indicating that TikTok has performed an excellent work of broadening its intended audience and attracting people of various ages. Of course, people can also buy packages for your profile from sites like Trollishly. 

More Than Half Of TikTok Members Have Posted Their Videos

One feature that distinguishes TikTok from other social networking sites is how it pushes creators to produce their original material. TikTok’s innovative modifying techniques allow short and precise clips that are simple to understand while dancing trends and memes inspire people to participate and replicate hooks they admire.

Consequently, more than 50% of the overall users say they utilise the site to publish their original video. People on other social media networks watch information; but, on TikTok, they produce it.

TikTok Is The Fifth Most Popular Youtube Search Term

TikTok clips have grown in popularity to the point where they have found their crossover into YouTube, a competitor video-sharing service.

oThere is a fascinating social networking crossover going on here: several YouTube viewers have not installed the TikTok application yet, or prefer watching TikTok clips on their other devices rather than their phones.

So, what exactly do they accomplish? First, they go to YouTube and look for reuploads. Consequently, TikTok is currently the network’s fifth most prevalent search term.

Over A Hundred Thousand TikTok Influencers Exist Around The World

In this regard, TikTok is rapidly establishing itself as a centre for influencers, and it is directly competing with Instagram. As per Statista, TikTok had roughly 106 thousand influencers in 2020, which is undoubtedly considerably greater now. It renders it increasingly appealing to businesses and, in addition, more helpful to social media marketers. By understanding the efficiency and contribution of TikTok, many users are now turning themselves into an influencer. Several people are also in plan to execute the process. 

TikTok Is Used By 10% Of B2c Companies

While TikTok might not have been the most excellent option for B2B marketers, it is gaining traction among B2C marketing companies. Approximately 10% of marketers are now utilising the network, which is projected to rise.

It is simple to understand why TikTok is an excellent network to be included in a B2C marketing campaign, given its intense levels of interaction and customer expenditure.

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the conclusion of our collection of the most recent TikTok data, figures, and trends. Ideally, these TikTok statistics could help you gain a deeper grasp of this intriguing, innovative network and where it can integrate into your social approach.

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