A Future-Proof Desk Booking System

A Future-Proof Desk Booking System


There are many terms in the workplace that describe the workplace, including open space, activity-based work, and hot desks. There is no universal formula for this way of working. It is a requirement that is met by a variety of industries, organizations, and individuals. In the process, we work, collaborate, meet, and are inspired. If all employees can easily access important information whenever, wherever, and however they want, then the implementation of this working method will be successful. Your workplace will require you to be flexible.

Renting an office is a second issue. A meeting room or office desk that is not used is of no use. The most significant productivity killer at work is workplace searching. Facility managers are responsible for ensuring that space is used in the most effective and efficient manner. Employees would be able to access them as easily as possible, reducing expenses.

Is hot desk exactly what it sounds like?

Flexible working environments and agile principles can be achieved through hot desks.

At the beginning of the workday, all workstations (desks) are open to anyone. Flexible office settings and huddle rooms are some aspects of agile corporate culture. Having the same desk every day doesn’t make sense for most people. Desks are frequently left idle for hours at a time due to these circumstances.

The use of hot desks is limited to emergencies. The number of workspaces in offices can be reduced and the types of workspaces can be explored (quiet areas, relaxation areas, creative meeting rooms, etc.). In addition to promoting collaboration, hot desks encourage creativity as well. You become more creative when your surroundings change.

Adopt Covid-19 as you learn it

Within seconds of Covid-19’s arrival, tension began to build among office workers. Because it was impossible to work in the office anymore, we were forced to work from home immediately. This resulted in the acceleration of new working methods. Although strange events have occurred over the past few months, the situation remains unchanged. Some countries appear to be seeing a decline in virus activity while others seem to be experiencing localized outbreaks. In another company, employees are being enticed back to the office. The closure of some businesses has already been announced for the end of the year. The collaboration of people, the invitation of guests, and the gathering of people.

(At least some of) the return to the office has been accomplished via hotdesking and adaptive working. How can this be done in an easy, professional manner? Considering the social distance, is it possible to maximize worker performance and provide workers safety at the same time? Compared with Covid-19, requests for Desk booking software are increasing explosively. Safe, convenient, and smart work environments help their employees arrive on time.

Work well done

Agile workplaces rely on smart technology that makes it nearly impossible to ignore getting to know how each office is utilized. Work is possible for your employees faster, Using technology at work makes things easier and smarter. By becoming more productive, they have more time for what matters most.

 Smart technology is exemplified by the bright platform. You can book meeting rooms, desks, and visitors via the software at any time and from any location. The Active Directory can be integrated with virtually all your current IT systems (office). Managers who know how each space is used will be able to make better use of it.

Knowing what you measure is knowing yourself

With an app, you can book a workspace easily. Based on social distancing rules, the employer has already decided which desks will be open and which will be closed. In order to make their offices available, employees must reserve them in advance. With this tool, you can find out which day of the week is the busiest as well as what time of day it is. Some days, you can reassign the cleaning teams to different times, or increase cleaning services. He doesn’t have to worry about a job since he works at the same place as his colleague every day.


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