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Automatic Filler Unifiller A good Can Filling Machine

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Capable of filling almost any product, the JBT Unfiller is a filling technology designed to provide food processors with the best quality and precision, with fast and efficient product changeovers and fast and automated wash-in-place procedures. The Unfiller is a volumetric filling machine that, unlike traditional piston filling machines, is completely free of sealing devices and has a unique self-draining filling station concept.

These two unique features drive three key Unfiller advantages:

  • unmatched filling accuracy
  • CIP capability without any disassembly
  • Unmatched product flexibility.

 Features and Benefits

  • Automatic cleaning-in-place system without any disassembly
  • High filling accuracy with minimal product giveaway
  • High filling temperature
  • Product and container flexibility
  • Fast product and container changeover
  • User-friendly
  • Reliable operation
  • Stable Headspace
  • Trouble-free in-container sterilization details
  • Unrivaled product versatility: from low-viscosity products with pellets to high-viscosity products with pellets; whether cold fill or hot fill.
  • The JBT Unifiller is the only volumetric filler with a clean-in-place capability that does not require the dismantling of the filling station as a standard feature.
  • Unmatched filling accuracy for the minimal giveaway and consistent headspace height

Granule Can filling machine

Our granular Can filling machine ensure high filling accuracy, gentle product handling, and minimal product loss. It can fill a wide range of wide-mouth rigid and semi-rigid containers. The required filling volume is pre-measured with adjustable lower and upper cups. The no-tank/no-fill system detects the presence of the container and drives the opening of the fill door, allowing the product to enter the funnel to fill the container.

Features and Benefits

Provide gentle and accurate product filling through a separate spring-loaded filling door. The use of a separate gate avoids excessive rolling of the product, thereby minimizing product damage. Included is an electro-pneumatic no-tank/no-irrigation system that ensures the gate is activated at the correct time, eliminating product loss. Retractable and interchangeable upper and lower measuring cups and interchangeable funnels make product and container customization easy. Details Designed for filling small and large granular products, incl. Beans, Corn, Meatballs, Pea, Pasta Options, and Models

 A vacuum-assisted pellet filler has been developed specifically to accurately preload small amounts of high-value sticky pellets. These particles (coconut jelly, coconut meat, grass jelly, bird’s nest jelly, aloe vera jelly, etc.) are added to beverages to enhance taste, taste, and nutritional value. The vacuum-assisted granular packing produces high filling accuracy, guaranteeing minimum giveaway and maximum product savings. Gentle product handling results in a high-quality product.

Canned cat food filling machine

Canned cat food belongs to wet food, which has high water content and balanced nutrition, which solves the big problem that cats do not like to drink water. It also does not contain carbohydrates and is good for digestion.

The filling forms of cat cans are nothing more than these two: one is filling of viscous paste materials with uniform texture, and the other is filling with solid-liquid mixed type. Of course, these two filling forms are used. Packaging machines are also very different.

Let’s talk about the first one, the filling of viscous and pasty materials with uniform texture, what we use is the following one:

His machine adopts microcomputer PLC automatic control, man-machine interface, fully enclosed, submerged filling. It has high measurement accuracy, large filling range, compact structure and stable operation. It is suitable for filling containers of various regular shapes, and the disassembly and cleaning of liquid cylinders and their pipelines are convenient and fast. All parts in contact with the material are made of high-quality stainless steel, the whole machine is beautiful and elegant, and meets the requirements of GMP standards.

The second type: solid-liquid mixing type filling, the product picture is as follows:

1. Workflow: automatic disc feeding, bottle conveying, positioning of bottles, automatic material lifting, automatic weighing, automatic filling, automatic can sealing, automatic labeling, production date printing, automatic packing and sealing, etc. The series of production links are all automated, without manual participation

2. It is suitable for all kinds of PE cans, aluminum alloy cans, paper cans and other round specifications and special customized mold bottle types. It is suitable for automatic quantitative filling and production of traditional Chinese medicine pieces with good circulation.

3. This set of equipment has a high degree of automation, and the entire line operates in linkage, which meets the requirements of GMP standards. The operator places the bottle on the unscrambler, and according to the needs of the enterprise, it can also be equipped with a weight sorting scale, automatic desiccant dispensing, bottle body powder removal device, manual operation work area, inkjet printer, automatic soft cover capping, and finished product collection. Workbench and other auxiliary equipment to further improve to meet production needs

Both models can be equipped with other equipment including back-end equipment to form an assembly line, which truly solves the problem of labor. The idea of ​​10 people per machine is not just a talk. At present, many manufacturers of canned pet food have consulted us. The machines are currently under negotiation. If you have any needs in this regard, please contact us for consultation. You can also come to our factory for on-site inspection. We have factories in Hefei and Guangzhou. Whether you belong to the south or the north, we have suitable factories for you to visit. You can also scan the QR code below to make an appointment in advance.

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