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Best HR Apps for Your Small Business

by Team Techager
Best HR Apps for Your Small Business

Every organization knows that its workers are its main life force. That’s why companies heavily invest in human resources, from consultations and professional HR managers to digital employee management solutions.

Recently, many small businesses have recognized the benefits of HR outsourcing services. Why Small Businesses are Turning to HR Outsourcing Services is a trend explored by the European Financial Review. This strategic move allows businesses to focus on their core operations while experts handle their HR functions.

These investments in HR must not be one-time engagements, as you need to boost your HR practices and efficiency to retain and keep workers productive.

From measuring work productivity and keeping workers engaged to boosting HR performance and onboarding recruits, different tools can help your small business grow.

This article and europeanfinancialreview.com will cover the best of these tools and explain how they can help your human resources department.

Before You Choose

Before picking an HR software program, make sure it checks the right boxes. No two organizations are the same, and HR apps have different functionalities.

So, ensure the solution you’re going for aligns with your business processes and helps you handle your critical human resources needs. You should also ensure your budget can handle the HR solution you want.


This is one of the best HR software products on the market if you need a solution to handle several critical human resources tasks in your business.

This application offers a full-service payroll solution, time tracking, tools for managing health insurance and employee financial benefits, and modules that can help businesses meet compliance and legal requirements.

Gusto can assist with employee hiring and onboarding and has a team of HR experts on hand to assist in emergencies.

It provides medical, dental, and vision insurance and the ability to manage HSAs, FSAs, 401Ks, and college savings accounts. It also provides life and disability insurance.

In this way, it works similarly to an HR outsourcing firm and can benefit small businesses they would not usually have access to.

Over 200,000 businesses use Gusto, an excellent choice if you need a full-service system to handle your company’s most challenging HR issues.


Traqq time tracker is a tool that human resources managers use to generate timesheets, calculate billable, and automatically create payment invoices. It keeps tabs on employee work behavior by tracking how many hours they work and what they do during those hours. The tool is valuable to remote teams.

Traqq helps keep workers accountable and focused on work, especially when dealing with distractions.

It focuses on preserving and respecting employee privacy so workers can be more receptive to employee monitoring. That’s because constant monitoring doesn’t always sit well with workers.

The tool takes screenshots and records screen time to show supervisors what employees work on at different periods. However, the shots and video recordings are blurred out. This way, supervisors know what the workers are doing without seeing the contents of their screens.

The tool helps make payroll easier for organizations to send prompt and accurate wages.

After installing Traqq, workers can launch the tool whenever they start work. The program does not cause any intrusion as it is lightweight and runs quietly in the background.

On top of all these features and functionalities, Traqq also helps workers and managers measure performance and productivity.

Its reporting system allows employees to detail their work at different intervals. They can compare their tracked time against their output to assess efficiency and performance.

In discrepancies, supervisors can easily edit time recorded in collaboration with the worker.


Eddy is an all-in-one HR Suite designed specifically for small, local businesses. Businesses can use Eddy to hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees, all with a single piece of software.

Travis Hansen, a former NBA player turned entrepreneur, established Eddy in 2017. The company has increased due to its simple but powerful product, excellent customer service, and focus on local businesses with deskless workforces.

Essential features include incoming candidate tracking, job posting management, and a full-fledged applicant tracking system. HR managers can use the onboarding system to create custom onboarding packages, assign tasks, and quickly collect digital signatures.

Users can access company directories and store essential employee documents, performance notes, and training and certifications in employee profiles, a core function of Eddy.  Personal PTO can be calculated and processed using the software program.

Eddy’s full-service payroll system also navigates payroll processes, including support for multiple pay periods and end-of-year W-2 preparation, filing, and distribution.

Eddy charges $8 per monthly employee plus a $49 base fee and provides a free demo.


Paycom provides online payroll functionalities to help companies facilitate prompt and correct paychecks.

The tool is critical to your organization and business process because payroll problems reduce employee engagement and drive them away.

The platform provides features that help HR managers do more than payroll. It’s also a robust human resources solution and tool.

Paycom has a mobile application enables HR managers to recruit and onboard new employers regardless of location. They can send onboarding documents and employment letters using their smartphones or tablets. Successful work applicants can then accept the offer and complete the onboarding process remotely using the application.

The app also allows HR managers to answer questions remotely and manage time off and attendance.

Paycom also sports a self-service management app, Manager on-the-go, that enables HR managers to:

  • Approve or reject time-off submissions.
  • Respond to employee questions.
  • Assess work applicants, including their resumes and cover letters
  • Create training materials, including video guides for employees and new hires.

The solution has a desktop application that comes with additional features. These features include employee performance tracking, reporting, and schedule management.

That’s not all.

Paycom has a feature that predicts employee behavior and actions. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify workers likely to leave the company after monitoring their work patterns.

These insights allow HR professionals to design proactive steps to shore up employee engagement and create retention strategies so companies can avoid losing their best talents.


Bitrix24 is a web-based human resource management system for small businesses. The software program comes with many features that benefit businesses that do not have a large HR team.

The tool’s functionalities include an employee directory, time and attendance features, and a document management system.

The self-service HR portal is one of the program’s key features. Employees can use this to access essential HR functions without speaking with HR. For example, workflows for vacation requests and business trip permissions can be created.

Bitrix24’s core features are free to use, which may be all that small businesses require. If you require dedicated HR features, pricing can range from free to $159 monthly. All plans permit an unlimited number of users.


HR.My stand out because it is entirely free. You get unlimited free storage, access to all features, and the ability to hire unlimited employees. Because it is a cloud-based tool, you can access it from anywhere without worrying about maintenance or setup.

The free version, however, is ad-supported. The ads do not affect functionality, but they can be annoying.

If you prefer to disable them, you can donate $5 per month to the tool’s crowdfunding campaign. You will also receive an additional 3500 MB of file storage when you make this contribution.

The tool includes a comprehensive set of HR features. You get payroll to record salaries and bonuses and generate pay slips, a time clock, and an attendance system to track when employees work, leave management to ensure you’re never short-staffed, and expense reporting to track how employees spend company money.

To save time, you can create automated approval workflows in many features. For example, when someone submits an expense, the software will notify you so you can approve or reject it.


Fingercheck is an HR tool with a robust feature set that includes systems for recruitment, payroll processing, scheduling, onboarding, and expense tracking.

Anyone in HR will tell you that onboarding is critical to employee success, and Fingercheck excels in this area. It allows you to create onboarding sequences for new employees to follow when they join your company.

The tool generates all the documents required for compliance, and you can upload supporting documentation.

It has a mobile app that handles the onboarding process, including signing forms. In addition, as a manager, you can track progress using the dashboard.

Fingercheck works with third-party accounting software such as QuickBooks and Gusto. This keeps your finances and human resources on the same page. The monthly fee is $8 per employee with a $39 subscription fee.


That’s it! These are the best human resources tools for your small business. You can collect feedback from your workers to determine what they like and dislike about your employee management practices. Send out anonymous surveys and ask them to rate your current HRM software program. That way, you’ll know when to move on from a platform.

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