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Best Ways To Play Black Jack

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Best Ways To Play Black Jack

Blackjack – the name you hear among the best and most popular casino games. The game of blackjack gets interesting as you gain experience in it. Knowing what cards to play and when to use them creates different scenarios of possible ways of winning. 

What are the Available Cards?

The goal of playing blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible but never over 21. If you play blackjack online at FanDuel Casino, you must be familiar with the Cards available. If you aren’t, you should know about the following cards, so you know how best to play them.


An Ace is represented by the symbol A with a distinct tree canopy-like shape. The card value is either One or Eleven, depending on the scenario. An ace would count as 11 unless it brings the total available card to over 21. Say, in the case of having a double ace, only one can be an 11 and the other a one.

Court Card 

All Cards with King, Jack, or Queen’s faces are of value 10. 

Number Card

The Number Card allows different numbers to be represented with the face number and various shapes; allotted to it. For example, a 10-valued Card is usually represented by ten and several diamonds in blackjack.

How to Play Blackjack?

You need to understand the basic Strategy of Hit, Stand, Split or Double.

When you Hit, you are signaling to the dealer to hand in more cards. By choosing to stand, you are doing otherwise as it signals pass handling a card to you. A Split allows you to treat each card as a separate hand while still keeping your initial bet on the deals. Doubling down enhances your earnings by doubling your bet.

How Best to Play with Available Cards?

The best way to play Blackjacks is to make optimum use of each card available, considering the dealer’s card. When the dealer’s up card is a good one, you can keep hitting the deck until you get an accumulation of something close to 17, but if the hand dealt is a poor one, you should stand unless the cards dealt are of the value 4, 5, 6. This play would be effective with the hope that the dealer hands himself a poor card

It’s best to Double down if the card handed to you is a pair of aces. A delay with the aces could lead to a bust and submission of wager to the house. Also, if the total card is 10, you can double down on your card until the dealer hands in an ace or a 10 before any chance to do so. Cards of lesser value would require you to hand in a double down when the dealer card is continuously a poor one.

Finally, for Splitting, an equal number of 4, 5, 6, or 8 is not a good number to split. You could get a good chance of winning by either doubling down or a draw. Generally, a 2, 3, or 7 card is a good split as long as the card the dealer deals with is not of similar value as yours. 


Every card decision you make grants you the chance to win the wager, but if you are on a losing streak, it’s a reactive instinct to hope that you will overturn your losses by going all in. While this is possible, the risk of losing outweighs your chances of winning, so it might be better to walk away than plunge into further losses.

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