Different Types of Chillum Pipes and why they are so Popular

Different Types of Chillum Pipes and why they are so Popular


Hand pipes or a chillum pipe are a kind of smoking pipes that possess a long history. The earliest types of these pipes date back to the 18th century, found mainly in Africa, South America, and India. This smoking method came into being centuries ago and was used by Hindu monks and people of Eastern Europe and Asia. Typically, the material to be smoked is packed into one end, and heat is applied on the outside of the pipe using a lighter or any other device. The other end is then used for inhaling the smoke. Undoubtedly, these pipes have evolved, and their usage has spread like a fire in recent years. 


Though many materials are utilized for making hand pipes, aluminum, metal, clay, etc., wood and glass are the two most commonly used materials. The level of pleasure is determined by the material of chillum pipes. The glass chillum delivers a better experience and taste than the wood one since it adds a bit of flavor to the wood with which they are made. 

Types of Chillum Pipes

 Primarily, there are three categories of chillum pipes available in various designs. These are: 

Dugout Pipes

Dugout pipes are pocket-friendly and all-in-one pipes. They contain a smoking pipe and a stash container usually composed of metal or wood. The herb is placed in the bowl or container, then lighted and inhaled gently. They are designed to contain a mouthpiece at one end and a bowl at the other. Onies dugout is a kind of dugout pipe that is handmade and comes with a locking system, keeping the spill away. Because of their lightweight and minor nature, dugout pipes are affordable and provide a good value for money. 


Tasting pipes or one-hitters are similar to the normal chillums, but they are usually smaller in length and diameter. These are made of glass, wood, or metal and designed such that they give a single hit or, at maximum, three hits. This means that one-hitters can accommodate a small number of herbs just enough to provide the smoker a taste. These are held in hands and inhaled just like cigarettes. Because of their small size, one-hitters can be easily stored and carried in a pocket or hand. 

Monkey Pipes

Monkey pipes are small and compact pipes made from wood and aluminum. The top and bottom are made from wood, while the center is aluminum. Its top can move back and forth to open and close the pipe. When fully opened, you can fill the herbs in the bowl and light it up to cherish it.

Among all the materials with which chillums are made, glass has paved its way towards more incredible popularity and usage. Credit goes to a variety of benefits that glass chillums bring with them.

The glassblowing techniques were invented by the earliest civilizations. However, in 30 B.C., the Romans started using blow tubes and colorful glass rods for creating glass containers for the highest class of society. This then resulted in the emergence of glass pipes in the 1960s, and since then, glass chillums have surged in popularity in the USA. Nowadays, these chillums come in various designs and styles, each having its grace and pleasure. Some include spoon pipes, Sherlock glass pipes, steamrollers, etc.  

Given below is an account of why glass chillums are widely being used in America as well as other parts of the world:

Usually, smoking with chillums made from other materials such as wood, metal, etc., provide a different taste of these materials along with the actual taste of the product being smoked, which most people do not enjoy. However, this problem has been solved with glass chillums.

Easy to maintain and clean

It becomes difficult to clean wooden or other chillums to the extent that they appear new. However, cleaning glass chillums can be done with great ease using various materials such as alcohol, acetone, etc. 

Healthier smoke

These chillums do not produce surplus smoke or any harmful byproduct when heated (unlike other materials, e.g., aluminum, wood). Hence, it is safe to heat them and maximize the purity of smoke. 

Beautiful styles and designs

Glass chillums allow you to not just have pleasure but fun with their wide range of available funky designs and styles. They are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes to meet the users’ needs. From color changing to different themed pipes, you are all covered!


Smaller glass pipes provide a discrete method of smoking. You can easily travel with your glass weed pipe without worrying about them breaking. The reason is that they can withstand a certain amount of force and higher temperatures and thus can last longer.

Though different kinds of chillum pipes have emerged over the years, some are better than others, and the degree of pleasure they offer might be different for different people. However, all the points as mentioned earlier make it clear that glass chillums are a great shot to enhance your experience. These chillums never fail to amaze us with their newness from healthier smoke to unique designs. So, don’t wait and get your hands on these exciting devices now!  


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