5 Employee Monitoring Software

5 Employee Monitoring Software



Employee monitoring is a technique used by different businesses and organizations for a variety of purposes. These employee monitoring tools help to keep confidential data secure and unreachable and optimize employee workflows. Businesses have used different employees monitoring techniques from time to time. In 2021, modern monitoring tools have shown greater potential for businesses to increase their employees’ productivity and earn more profits at the same time. These employee monitoring tools use techniques like keystroke tracking, live video recording of the sessions, security alerts and threat detection, time tracking, and location-based features.

Why do I invest in Employee Monitoring Software?

As we know that staff monitoring is a mothed containing series of functionalities to monitor the activities of employees. Companies use this monitoring software to have complete control of their data and overlook their employees’ activities. It helps to improve productivity and workflows.

By using this employee monitoring software, businesses can examine which programs are getting used to the maximum, understand the unproductive hours, and unproductive tasks. Then this data can be used to analyze the problems and find a proper solution for these problems. This will result in increased efficiency and profitability of the company.

How can I choose the best Employee Monitoring Software for my business?

First of all, it is very important to understand the needs of your company before choosing any software. Once you understand the requirements, then start shortlisting top software that offers the same features as you need.

After hours of research, we have selected 5 employee monitoring software for you based on their functionalities.

Veriato Cerebral:

The first software on our list is Veriato cerebral. This software uses the multi-point approach to show the online activities and communications of employees and contractors to the business owners. With multipoint tracking, it uses artificial intelligence models (AI) with risk assessment methodology and insider-threat detection to make it to the top of the chart in its category. This combination of the technology enables it to earn a well-deserved Editors’ Choice award.


The software which gets second place on our list is Teramind. With its cutting edge features like all-out monitoring features, complete analysis, and very advanced reporting features. This software combines automation and deep alerting with recording and video capture of the session to make it a powerful tool for staff monitoring. The combination of these features can provide a more accurate representation of real-time employee activity on their PCs. These cutting-edge features make it possible to be on a well-deserved Editors’ Choice award list along with its fellow competitor Veriato Cerebral. This software charges $95 for a person with a limit of a minimum 50-person deployment.

Staffcop enterprise:

The third software in our list is a StaffCop enterprise product. This enterprise offers a permanent license for less than five users. This software is a powerful tool for employee monitoring and risk detection. It is designed for large businesses. Now, this product is also available for below one-tier businesses. It is a small midsize enterprise (SMB) that offers a unique and permanent licensing model and awareness on larger businesses (businesses with 25,000 personnel or more). It delivers complete and acceptable services to big groups requiring deep and customizable employee surveillance. Additionally, it offers sturdy insider danger detection features for these organizations. These features include threat detection at an early stage and user behavior analysis. With these features, this product maintains the same class as our Editors’ Choice selections, Veriato Cerebral and Teramind.


Hubstaff got fourth place on our list. This software is well known for its time tracking solutions. It charges $7.00 per user for a month that makes it on the list of small to midsize businesses (SMB). This product delivers many features like attendance, productivity monitoring, payroll functions, and reporting features alongside HR. These features make it the first choice for businesses that needs all these functionalities for their solution.


The fifth software on our list is VeriClock. This software is for small to midsize businesses (SMB) and it is a time tracking software with the most common features in no-frills design (a no-frills design is one for which the non-essential features have been removed to keep the price low). It offers an extensive range of time configuration settings that allows the owners to know about employees’ log time. It is fairly priced as it begins at $15 per month. This product is a strong choice for companies that want specific time monitoring.

In the end, we hope that this article will be helpful for you in selecting the best employee monitoring software that fulfills your requirements in the best way.


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