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Everything You Need to Know About Zoom Live Transcription

by Team Techager
Everything You Need to Know About Zoom Live Transcription

Using Zoom live transcription has become very popular in the past couple of years, and there are many benefits that you can take advantage of. Using Zoom has many features that can help you improve your business, whether in medical transcription, legal transcription, education, or another industry.

Auto-Record Feature

You may be asked to enable Zoom’s auto-record feature during a Zoom meeting. This function will record your speech automatically, but there are more accurate substitutes for live captions. It does, however, provide some of the benefits of automatic transcription. You can download a video from a Zoom meeting, edit the text in the transcript, and receive the transcript in the same location as the recording. The Zoom auto-record feature does not capture capitalization. It also needs to be more accurate to replace live captions, but it’s a nice little touch. The auto-record feature is only available for future meetings. If you are a meeting host, you can enable it for any group or individual you want. You can even set it up to notify you when it’s ready to go. You can play the audio transcript, save it, and edit it. You’ll also be able to view it in the Zoom web portal. If you still need an account, you’ll need to create one. You can do so by clicking Sign in. The auto-record feature is not available when using Zoom for Linux. The only way to enable this feature is by signing in to the Zoom web portal. It doesn’t support breakout rooms. The auto-record feature doesn’t support HIPAA-compliant accounts. Similarly, it’s not recommended for those with accommodation requests.

Closed Captioning

During a Zoom meeting, participants can view closed captioning. They can also type their live transcript. The live transcription provides an interactive transcript that viewers can use to take notes.

A host must enable the Closed Caption/Live Transcription option to view closed captioning during a Zoom meeting. To do so, they must have an account in the Zoom web portal with a Concordia email address. They should then start or initiate a meeting in the Zoom Room. The Zoom Room has a button called “Enable Auto-Transcription” on the control bar. The Zoom Live Transcript (CC) button will appear on the toolbar when enabled. You will also see the option to change the font size of the captions. The Zoom Live Transcript button has a small arrow in the top right corner.

After you have enabled the Closed Caption/Live Transcription feature, you will want to ensure it is turned on for all participants. This is important because Zoom will only display captions in English. If you have participants who speak in languages other than English, you will need to provide them with captions in their language. A host must assign each participant a caption type to type a live transcription. These types of captions will augment auto-captioning. The text will then appear as subtitles in the chat bar to the right of the Zoom window.

Turn On Transcription Support In Another Language.

Using the Zoom live transcription feature can increase accessibility for your meeting attendees. It uses automatic speech recognition to transcribe your Zoom webinar into text automatically. The transcript is ready for editing in a minute. You first need to log in to Zoom on the web to enable the zoom live transcription feature. After logging in, you can turn on the auto-transcription function or enable closed captioning. Then, you can either choose to save the transcript before your session or view it after it’s finished. The meeting host can also turn on the Zoom live transcription feature. If the meeting host has enabled the Zoom live transcription feature, the subtitles will appear on the screen during your live Zoom session. You may need to adjust the window size to see them. You can also manually type the captions yourself. If you have the Zoom Grain app, you can transcribe your meeting into text. However, this requires an Android phone or tablet. You will also need to install the Translate app and configure it. You can change the language and select which words to transcribe.

Store Transcripts In Various Locations

Having transcripts saved in various locations with Zoom live transcription helps meeting participants understand what is being said. However, it is important to note that Zoom’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) service does not always capture all the words being spoken. It may be necessary to edit the text to ensure accuracy. Zoom’s web portal is a convenient way to access transcripts for recorded meetings. This web portal allows you to search for transcripts and your audio and cloud recordings. The Zoom web portal requires you to sign in with your Zoom account. Once you have logged in, you can view and save transcripts. You can also turn on or off the Live Transcription feature, which will help attendees follow what is being said during the meeting. If you are the host, you can enable the auto-transcription feature and assign a “closed captioner” to type captions during the meeting.


What is Zoom Live Transcription?

Zoom Live Transcription is a feature that provides real-time, automated captions during Zoom meetings, making them more accessible and engaging for participants.

How do I enable Live Transcription in my Zoom meeting?

To enable Live Transcription, the host must first activate it in their Zoom settings. During the meeting, click on “Live Transcript” in the meeting controls, then select “Enable Auto-Transcription.”

Can meeting participants customize their Live Transcription experience?

Yes, participants can adjust font size, background color, and other appearance settings for captions by clicking on the “Subtitle Settings” option in the Live Transcript menu.

Is Zoom Live Transcription available in multiple languages?

Currently, Zoom Live Transcription supports only English. However, Zoom offers integration with third-party services for transcription in other languages.

Can I save the Live Transcription captions after the meeting?

If the host has enabled recording and selected “Record to the Cloud,” the saved recording will include a separate transcript file that can be downloaded and reviewed later.

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