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Factors to Consider When Conducting A Remote Meeting

by Team Techager
Factors to Consider When Conducting A Remote Meeting

Whether you are conducting a remote meeting from your office or home, there are several factors you need to consider. First, make sure you have a clear agenda for the meeting. This will help everyone be on the same page. Next, stick to your schedule and identify actionable next steps.

Using Conferencing Technology To Conduct Meetings

As the number of remote workers rises, organizations have had to evolve their meeting and communication processes to support these changes. However, this can lead to friction within the organization, so focusing on employee experience is critical to increasing employee productivity. As a result, the focus of online meeting technology is changing from bridging physical distance to bridging knowledge and experience.

Engaging And Including Everyone

One of the best ways to involve everyone in a remote meeting is to take advantage of technology. For example, you can use a simple one-word check-in system to allow team members to type their intention for the meeting. While you should not rely on this method to ensure everyone is on the same page, it will help ensure everyone is present and working together.

Another way to involve everyone is to assign responsibilities to each person. This will help to increase employee engagement and morale. It will also encourage people to offer suggestions or speak up. Managers should also avoid making unnecessary announcements during virtual meetings. Making these announcements through email instead of a voice message is best. When you need to make announcements, ensure that the people in the remote meeting hear them and feel included.

Remote meetings can be more difficult to conduct than formal meetings. Many problems arise due to communication barriers. The presence of background noise, inappropriate ringtones, or even a telecommuter barking can lead to a disjointed meeting. The solution is to implement proper etiquette and the appropriate technical tools. For example, participants should be aware of how to mute their line when background noise is too loud. If a mute button is unavailable, participants can still participate by using reaction icons on their screen.

Using Polls To Keep Meeting Participants Engaged

Polls and questionnaires help keep meeting participants involved and interested. They can also start a conversation by testing your attendees’ understanding. For example, you can ask a survey question and allow meeting participants to choose one of up to five answers.

You can create polls and questionnaires ahead of time by adding them to your meeting or training session. Then, you can use them in future sessions. Poll questions can also be saved on your computer for future use. Then, you can use them as a template for future polls.

Remote participants may need to see certain things to stay fully engaged in the meeting. For example, they may need to see the face of the in-room participants. They may also need to see physical documents or shared presentations. If possible, use a remote camera to capture the meeting notes. This way, remote meeting participants can see the responses of in-room attendees.

Using Automated Meeting Reminders

Using automated meeting reminders can improve attendance and reduce wasted time. But, unfortunately, many people forget about a meeting or end up running late, which is inconsiderate of others and reflects on their professionalism level. The good news is that this problem can be easily avoided.

Automated meeting reminders send a reminder an hour or day before a scheduled meeting. This way, attendees won’t forget about it. In addition, automated reminders can be set for several days in advance, making it less likely that they’ll forget. When using an online meeting calendar, it will be stored and filled in automatically, saving you and your clients time.





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