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Enhance Your Gamecube Gaming with the Authentic Controller

by Team Techager
Gamecube Controller

Many video game gadgets are available today in the market. In this article, we are talking about one of the famous and all-time preferred player devices the “GameCube controller”.

What Is Gamecube Controller Used for?

The Gamecube is developed by Nintendo in Japan in 2001. Gamecube is actually a video game console. This works on any kind of game that supports the pro controller.

The 64 Nintendo is the progression of the Gamecube controller. The Gamecube controller works great with many games like Mario kart 8 deluxe, super smash bros.

Structure Inside the Gamecube Controller

The Gamecube has a rectangular shape of 6 inches long and 6 inches wide and 4.3 inches tall shape. Gamecube is easy to carry and available in different fascinating colors.  The GameCube inside structure includes a microprocessor, signal processor support, graphic chip, parallel ports, and memory.

  • The microprocessor used in Gamecube by IBM 485MHz with a maximum bus transfer rate of 2.6 Gb it has also L2 256 cache memory.
  • The graphic chip used in Gamecube is called flipper it produced 12 million polygons which are building blocks of 3D graphics.
  • 16-bit signal processor used to support 64 audio channels.
  • 40 MB Ram is used in Gamecube.
  • Now in the latest version, you can attach a modem with Gamecube.

Nintendo Gamecube Controller Layout

Nintendo GameCube controller has an easy carrying shape Gamecube controller. It has four face buttons, three shoulders buttons, a start button joystick, a c-stick, and a D-pad. It is just made for user comfort.

You can use it comfortably. The L and R buttons have digital and analog modes.

The digital mode is active whenever you press the buttons whereas the analog mode is active when there is less pressure on the buttons. The shoulder button that is known as the z button does not have this feature.

Is Wireless Gamecube Controller Available in the Market?

Nowadays wireless GameCube controller is available. Some of the most popular GameCube controller are:

  • Nintendo Wave Bird
  • PowerA wireless
  • Exline Wireless
  • VTone Wireless
  • HORI Wireless Battle pad
  • Hyperkin ProCube
  • Falcon Wireless
  • Retro Fighter Duelist
  • 8Bito Gbros wireless
  • MadCatz wireless.

What Quality Measures You Must Consider While Buying Gamecube Controller?

Video game lovers before buying GameCube must consider some of the features. Here we will guide you to buy the best Gamecube controller.

Today most users buy wireless Gamecube that is quite easy to carry from one to another place as compared to wire Gamecube. The batteries of the wireless GameCube are separately purchased or they have an Internal rechargeable battery.

The second thing after battery you have to consider is its durability. The low-cost Gamecube will not be durable and also the handling may be not comfortable.

The last thing that you have to consider is the additional features the original Gamecube has not as many features as the modern Gamecube.

How to Connect Gamecube with Nintendo Switch?

For connecting the Gamecube with the switch you must have a Gamecube adapter and then follow these steps:

  • Turn on your tv and Nintendo switch.
  • Connect the two USB cables of the Gamecube controller adapter with Nintendo switch using available ports.
  • Press the button of Gamecube for the switch to recognize it.
  • You can use and enjoy your game now.

Final Verdict

Gamecube is a video game console by Nintendo introduced in 2001. It has a comfortable handle and a fascinating shape and layout. Many video game players use still use it.


What is the cost of the Gamecube controller?

The average cost of the Gamecube is between 10 to 50 $. The wireless GameCube is slightly expensive.

What is the original Gamecube controller Nintendo cost?

The first Gamecube controller was introduced in 2001 at a price of $199 now the white classic Gamecube controller cost $246 on amazon.

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