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Get to Know the Benefits Of Field Force Automation

by Team Techager
Get to Know the Benefits Of Field Force Automation

Managing your field workforce is a whole lot of responsibility on the management’s shoulders, which can be delegated with the help of field force automation solutions. These real-time solutions act as an effective means of communicating and managing your field workforce remotely from your desk through desktop and mobile devices. Due to the varied benefits of using them, it is widely used across industries like Logistics, Healthcare, FMCG, service providers, etc. Let’s have a quick look at the need for field force management before jumping into its benefits in detail.

Need for Field Force Automation

Let’s assume an example work scenario, where one of your company’s salespeople is there at the client’s place for the meeting. And you call him/her in the middle of the meeting to get updates which they couldn’t attend for obvious reasons. Your assumption would be the meeting should be over by this time and they should pick up to give the meeting updates. So, it is a pressure situation for you without being able to know what’s going on at the client’s place.

But, the meeting might have gone well except that there might be a disturbance in the middle because of the phone call you made. So the entire situation well summarizes the need for a centralized approach to communicate, get updates and manage all the workforce activities in real-time. That is where exactly the field force automation comes into the picture.

Benefits of Field Force Automation

Using a mobile field force application app, your employees can mark location-based attendance, view the tasks allocated to them, fill and update the meeting notes and automated reports can be created from the data available. Numerous other features are getting updated day by day based on the customer’s needs either customized or for all users basis. So without a doubt, field force automation brings many benefits to your business. Here’s the list:

  1. Time and Cost cutting
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Better data insights
  4. Good clarity of work
  5. Improved customer experience

Time and Cost Cutting

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s compelling that the important aspects of your business should be digitized to ensure smooth customer service. Field force automation involves digitizing the attendance, task updates, reports, and other services. Hence, an ample amount of time gets saved for business management, which can be used to devise strategies and other such business growth plans. Real-time tracking of your field workforce gives you accurate data of distance traveled which helps in optimizing their routes and hence cut down the fuel costs. Lystloc’s one of its kind real-time tracking features enable you to save time and cost to a greater extent.

Increased Productivity

Location-based task delegation and live tracking features of field force management solutions improve the employee’s productivity. The unnecessary idle times are avoided as the work plan for the day is allocated clearly and monitored. Also, this helps the employees stay motivated at work without any distractions such as micro-managing, and cold calling for updates by their team leads. Proper planning of work ensures less deviation from achieving the targets on time. A study shows that field force management increases employee productivity by 20-30% minimum across industries.

Better Data Insights

Data reports, for example, sales reports need more time and energy if done manually. But with field force management software, all the reports are automated and can be fetched at regular intervals based on your business needs. Lystloc’s unique feature named Lystdata is a subscription-based feature that gives you customized reports based on your business needs directly to your mailbox. Based on these reports, you can analyze and get the required business insights and devise your marketing and sales strategies accordingly.

Good Clarity of Work

Since you have the details of every employee’s attendance and past work history, you know which task should be assigned to whom. This benefits the employees too since they have better clarity of work. If employee morale is improved, they can work more efficiently and get the tasks done quicker than usual. Timely achievement of targets and higher productivity improve the overall revenue of the business. Also, a good employee-manager relationship is maintained throughout.

Improved Customer Experience

Using the right FFA app for your business is important. There are a lot of apps available in the market from which you should choose the right fit according to your business requirements. By rightly implementing this for your business, you can improve your customer experience. Since all the task updates reach you within a few clicks instantly, you would be able to manage the customer data well. So that you end up doing proper follow-ups and giving timely support to your customers. A satisfied customer is an asset to your business which can be achieved through field force automation.

End Thoughts

Every business has a unique vision and goals. But the ultimate aim of any business is customer satisfaction for which the sales and service people of a company are the key contributors. To ensure their safety, engagement, and deliverables, the business is in a position to constantly monitor its activities. Lystloc, being a leading Field force management app addresses the pain points of your business, saving time, resources, and energy. Your business may be small or large, you will be digitally connected with your workforce and manage everything from your table effectively. As the saying goes, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. No wonder, Field Force Automation does that magic today!

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