How can one compare within the ocean of applications available online for education

How can one compare within the ocean of applications available online for education?


Before the era of pandemics arrived, be it teachers or parents, both were guided or asked to follow a specific list of learning material or books. According to the educational curriculum for students of different classes, the list of preferred books was followed strictly year after year. However, the traditional form of learning has so far collapsed due to the pandemic. E-learning came into the lights and has been shining ever since it got implemented on such a vast level.

Whatever methods have been used previously with the traditional way of learning is of no concern now. Materials are available in PowerPoint presentations, pdfs, or video lectures available online on various education apps endorsed and owned by multiple educational technology companies.

The good news is that the teachers and parents can go for self-research to hunt for the best application for their kids to teach online. Adequate knowledge of technology can help the kids retain the learning far better than the traditional mode of learning.

How to Navigate?

The self-research and analysis method but would take some time and could even be more lengthy. Therefore for some assistance or to ease up, Prizes including Booktrust Best Book Awards and CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medal produces shortlists of such materials drawn in with the help of some experts under the field of child literacy and education.

If the book market is concerned, the above can be used as a reference to navigate the crowded book lists and markets available. However, such assistance internationally is also there when educational applications are concerned. But for many nations as such are not considered very proficient when the curriculum is taken into concern by parents and teachers, so the only way left out for them is to navigate through the Digital Wild West of Applications.


  • What sort of application will be beneficial for students of different classes can be chosen?
  • Whether to prefer the following application based on qualitative research or quantitative research?
  • Accessing tools for analyzing individual performances of students should be there or not? In addition, it must include in the same application, or should it use for another separate application regarding the issue?

There are a thousand educational applications available on the vast network of the global market, with the pandemic still there. The number, however, is still increasing as the demand for assistance is rising.

Teachers are provided with a list of apps preferred according to the curriculum by the School itself. It makes it much easier for them to navigate these applications and extract data, information, and knowledgeable content from them. It makes it compiled altogether in one single document or PowerPoint presentation for the students.

One advantage of preparing notes using educational apps lies in its very nature that is instant evolving and much more feasible when books are compared with it.

However, before the pandemic, there has been little research in the concern of Educational applications. With time-evolving, slow research is made to identify the short-term and long-term benefits of these.

One way of choosing an application is that first, one needs to be very clear of what specific activity, skill, or sort of experience they want to enrich themselves in. However, if you get stuck into a vast range of applications, general rules to separate and pick out the best can be used.

Focus on those that offer more creativity, engagement, and assessments into the skill or experiences they offer to help an individual gain.

One aspect that should also be there in an individual’s mind is the availability of the activity in an offline version. Apps that easily save your piece of information for further using it offline should be there on one’s priority list.

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