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Beating the blues in absolute style with blue light glasses

by Team Techager
Beating the blues in absolute style with blue light glasses

How long do you spend your time in front of the screen? Well in this digital age it is quite hard for one to actually have their way through the screen. And using your screen is never less of an option where you have to definitely earn your living for the same, there is absolutely no escape.

But what might have triggered the talk on the topic could be a thing where the whole globe witnessed a shift towards digital set-ups at home. That is where we shifted our whole office to our bedrooms and worked our way through the same. Where we worked for more than 8 hours and have been looking for the same escape from digital screens where we would binge-watch something to draw us to sleep.

How has this digital blues been affecting our eye health? Have there been any positive alternatives and distractions to the same?

Digital blue and eye health

When the usage of the screen has been very well talked about among people, you must be well aware of what blue light is and how it affects our daily life. But for those who are not well aware of the same, we are here to assist you with the same.

Blue lights are the lights that have been extensively emitted from natural and artificial sources. Natural sources are the sun and artificial sources are digital screens and even LED lights.

As we spend most of our time indoors, the blue light from the sun is not an essential concern, but what about our digital screens? As we spend our majority of the time in front of these screens, we are way much prone to the blue lights that have been admitted from the screens

The effects of the blue light

The way is much prone to or excessively exposed to these harmful rays which lead to several eye issues. These blue rays have not always been considered to be as harmful, these were much more associated with memory boosting and increased attention span as well. But overexposure to anything has its side effects and so do the blue lights.

This excessive exposure to blue light has led to increased eye strain and fatigue, making it more difficult to look at the screen. Some have even raised concerns about the major and minor headaches that might have been caused by looking at the screens for long durations.

Apart from that, it is usually suggested to avoid using the screen at night as the blue lights tend to have the same effect as that of the sunlight, giving signals to the brain to be awake. This is the major reason for one to actually scroll on the screens for hours at night.

Even prolonged hours of looking at the screen also lead to increased dry eyes where one skips to blinking the eyes while looking at the screen.

How do you smartly beat the issues?

The very first step to the same is that one must consult a specialist and take the necessary steps for the same. For such situations, it is usually recommended to switch to blue light glasses.

These are the glasses with the ability to block the blue lights that are emitted from the screens. This helps to completely block the rays from reaching the eyes. It provided a much-required escape from minor headaches and even excessive strains. It also helps one to concentrate at work and even increases productivity.

Apart from that the issue of using the digital screen at night is completely concerning, where one switches to digital screens with the screen protection light and can even switch to the blue light glasses. And avoid using the screens in dim light conditions or even at night. 

For the dry eye situation, all you have to do is remember to blink the eyes constantly and if one sees severe symptoms they must consult a specialist.

Glasses to smart blues

Now when you are all stepping in to choose the blue light lenses, you look into some of the styling essentials as well when it comes to the online glasses. Here are a few styles that you could definitely try for all your daily essentials.

Square glasses- Exponentially smart and studious, the picks that will definitely make you want them to be your daily essentials. These are perfect for soft and smooth features and that too in absolute style, no more out of sight and styling becomes much more convenient.

Aviator glasses- Speaking of class there is no better pick than giving a peaking to the aviator glasses. The teardrop style is what makes it different from the rest. The styles have their way to make it best and safe the same with any outfit.

Cat-eye glasses- The upswept that are making them look glamorous and on point. A style that speaks volume about personality. There is no way to skip on a look that cat-eye glasses could never pull off.

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