How To Connect Beats To Laptop

How To Connect Beats To Laptop?

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If you are a music lover and have a busy daily schedule or need to enjoy music along with work, then the best thing to do is connect your headphones/beats to your laptop and enjoy your music with work. The best laptop deal for a fantastic beats connection can be Apple MacBook Pro M1 13,’ but you can connect beats to your existing laptop too. This article will discuss some easy steps to overcome your issue, How To Connect Beats To Laptop? So without any further delay, let’s come to the point.

Steps To Connect Beats To laptop:

New beats or a new laptop both means going through the pairing process. You can easily pair up beats with your laptop if you are familiar with these simple steps. Make sure to note each step clearly to complete this task efficiently.

  1. If you’re using new Beats headphones, turn them on first, all you need is to activate the pairing mode.
  2. Unlock your laptop and hold your beats near the laptop for a smooth connection.
  3. Go ahead to your laptop’s Bluetooth menu, both on an iPhone or Android laptop; this option will be in the setting app. You can also search it on your Mac or PC if you can’t find it.


For An Android:

You can search for the Bluetooth menu on a PC by clicking on the start icon in the button left position, and you can also search by selecting Bluetooth and then selecting it and another setting when it appears on your Laptop.

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For iPhone:

On a Mac, you can click the icon in the top-right and search Bluetooth, then select the Bluetooth option, and you can check it listed under ‘‘System Preferences.’’

  1. After setting on the Bluetooth option, your laptop will search for any nearby device to make a connection. When your beat name appears, click/tap on it to start connecting. If you’re asked for a password, you can enter the ‘‘0000’’ code or another if your Beats device has its own password.


If you have an iPhone laptop, then it can be possible that your device automatically detects the Beats (if they are on) and suggests you connect with them.

With the help of these four simple steps, you can connect your beats to your Laptop within seconds.

What To Do If Your Beats Could Not Connect To Laptop?

If you find any difficulty in connecting your beats to a laptop, you can simply fix this issue; all you need is to check first that your Bluetooth settings should be on. Because sometimes, Bluetooth settings take a moment to turn it on, or your beats can’t make a connection if your settings are not on properly.

The second fix is to turn off both devices, such as beats or laptops, and then on them again. This process is called power cycling or resetting, which can quickly fix this issue, and after that, you can efficiently perform the above steps to make a connection.

To disconnect, you can simply Turn Off your beats or can also Turn off the Bluetooth option from your laptop. You can also put them on Pairing Mode to disconnect them temporarily.

Or, if you want to connect new beats to your laptop or disconnect the previous one permanently, you can easily make it by clicking the ‘‘Forget password’’ option. Here I will clear this step in detail for your assistance.

  • You can perform this task on a Mac by Right-Clicking your beats and selecting the Remove option. You can also remove it by clicking the ‘‘X’’ icon to the right of the device name.
  • You can easily do it on a PC by Clicking your Beats name and then selecting the Remove Device/Beats name.
  • On an iPhone: All you need is to tap the ‘‘I’’ icon next to the Beats anime and select the Forget this device option.
  • And if you have an Android laptop, tap the gear icon next to the Beats and then select the Unpair or Forget option.


I have discussed easy and quick steps to solve your issue to connect your beats to laptops. You can simply follow these easy steps to connect your beats to your laptop.

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