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How to Deliver Order On Fiverr from Mobile? (Quickest Legal Way)

by Asiya Kanwal
How to Deliver Order On Fiverr from Mobile

Fiverr is one of the popular marketplaces where people sell their services and business buy the services of freelancers. This platform has millions of users. Client or businesses offers their services and freelancers made a request if the client likes the request that fulfills their needs for the project, then they will hire it for their projects.

With the vast use of mobile devices, this platform also offers services to mobile users to connect to the freelancing world 24 hours a. For that purpose, Fiverr launched its app for smartphone users. Through this app, people deliver orders, sent requests, and do many other tasks.

This post will help you with how you can deliver orders on Fiverr by using your smartphone. By following this method as mentioned below you will be able to deliver successfully the orders of your clients on time.

How to Deliver Order On Fiverr from Mobile? (100% Legal Method)

Fiverr gives freelancers and buyers both the facility to send and receive orders on their Android or smartphones. Here we will tell you the complete method to send or deliver orders on Fiverr using your smartphones.

Step 1: Install the App:

Fiverr has launched its official app for Android or smartphone users so that they can easily access the Fiverr services whenever they want. For delivering orders on mobile you must have to install the Fiverr app from Google Play Store the app is absolutely free.

Step 2: Sign Up:

The second step is to sign up or log in to your Fiverr account by providing your email id and password. As your log in to your Fiverr account, you will also receive an alert email from Fiverr.

Step 3: Order Delivery:

 After login to your Fiverr account successfully. Now you have to go to the order section so that you can send or deliver orders to your client. For that go to the order icon available at the bottom of the screen of the home page of the app.

Step 4: Choose Order:

Now after going to the order section you have to choose the order you want to deliver to the client. After choosing the order file then click on the three dotted lines and then choose to deliver now.

Step 5: Upload File:

This is the final step here you have to click on the attached icon and upload the file of the project. The file must be in zip format. You can add thank you note here if you want or other services you have provided with your project.

This is a simple few steps method to upload and send or deliver your project to a client on your smartphone.

Things You Should Do Before Delivering Order: (Expert Guide)

The proper arrangement of files is important before delivering orders to your client. Here we will tell you some tips that you should do before delivering orders to your client.

  1. All the files of the client project should be in one new folder. So that delivery be quick and easy.
  2. Create one text file where you should tell your client the complete detail about the project you are sending to them.
  3. Always try to send the zip file to your client zip file size is usually less and can easily be uploaded.
  4. Try to create a file or folder with the project name so that you will easily find it between other files on your device.


Can I deliver the order on Fiverr using my mobile?

Yes, you can easily send your project file on your mobile by simply installing and using the Fiverr app available on the google store free of cost.

How many accounts can I run on Fiverr?

You can run only one account legally on Fiverr if you run more than one account your all account will be terminated by Fiverr.

How big a file can I send on Fiverr?

Fiverr supports file sizes from 150 MB to 1 GB in total. The highest file size is 1 Gb that is the limit for Fiverr to send to the client.

What service Fiverr app provide?

Fiverr app offers many services to their customer. From sending offers, checking balances, sending orders, and many more.

Final Words:

Fiverr is one of the popular marketplaces used by many people around the world. This article will teach you how you can easily deliver your order on mobile. By following this method you will be able to send your project on mobile. Thanks for visiting.

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