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How to Download Hotstar Video on PC Without Any External Software?

by Asiya Kanwal
How to Download Hotstar Video

Hotstar is one of the largest digital entertainment platforms. On this website, you can watch unlimited English, Hindi, and Pakistani entertainment content like dramas, movies, and web series. This website allows you to watch unlimited movies and web series for 48 hours. For example, if you select some content, you can watch it for 48 years. After that, it will expire.

Now, if you don’t want to lose your favorite content on Hotstar, you have to download it on your device to watch it offline or whenever you want.

Usually, Hotstar offers seven days of downloading a playlist, and after that, the content will be automatically removed from your playlist. To avoid such a situation, download your favorite content on your device like pc.

There are several ways to download Hotstar content here, we will tell you this guide on downloading Hotstar videos without installing any software on your PC.

How to Download Hotstar Video on PC Without Any Software?

Hotstar is a popular streaming platform that offers a vast library of movies, TV shows, and sports events. However, downloading videos from Hotstar for offline viewing can be challenging, especially without using any third-party software. In this guide, we will walk you through downloading Hotstar videos on your PC without using any additional software.

Step 1: Open the Hotstar website

  • First, open your preferred web browser on your PC.
  • Visit the official Hotstar website by typing “hotstar.com/in” in the address bar and pressing enter.

Step 2: Locate the video you want to download

  • Browse the available content on the Hotstar website to find the video you wish to download.
  • Click on the video thumbnail to open the video page.

Step 3: Copy the video URL

  • Once the video starts playing, click on the address bar to highlight the video URL.
  • Right-click on the highlighted URL, select “Copy” from the context menu, or press “Ctrl+C” to copy the URL.

Step 4: Visit a web-based video downloader service

Open a new browser tab and visit a web-based video downloader service. Many websites offer this service, but choose a reliable and secure one. A popular choice is “SaveTheVideo“.

Using third-party websites may come with certain risks, so proceed with caution.

Step 5: Paste the video URL

Once you have opened the web-based video downloader service, locate the input box or search bar.

Right-click on the input box, select “Paste” from the context menu, or press “Ctrl+V” to paste the copied video URL.

Step 6: Start the download process

After pasting the video URL, click the “Download” button or press “Enter” on your keyboard to initiate the download process.

Step 7: Choose video quality and format

The web-based video downloader service will analyze the video URL and display available download options. Choose the desired video quality and format, such as MP4 or MKV.

Step 8: Download the video

Click the “Download” button for the selected video quality and format. Your browser will prompt you to save the file on your PC.

Choose a location on your PC where you want to save the video and click on the “Save” button.

Step 9: Watch the downloaded video

After downloading, navigate to the location where you saved the video on your PC.

Double-click on the video file to open and watch it using your preferred media player.

Quick Methods:

There are several ways to download video on your PC without any software or downloader.

Method #1: Ace Thinker:

Ace Thinker is one of the most popular and leading online websites or platforms that provide services for different platforms to download videos with the help of copied video links. By simply copying and pasting the URL of the video, you can download your favorite videos from Hotstar for the long term. Follow the below steps to download the video.

  1. Go to your favorite video you wish to download from Hotstar and copy the URL.
  2. Now, in the new tab, search the Ace Thinker website and open the website.
  3. Now, you will see the search bar on the home page. Paste your copied URL or link in that box.
  4. Now click on the download button right next to the search bar and choose the quality of the video. Usually, Acethinker offers 480p quality, and if you want more than that, you must have the desktop version.

Method #2: Savefrom.net:

Savefrom.net is one of the popular online tools to download your favorite video from any of the video platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Hotstar. You can also check out our list of Best YouTube Downloader Tools. The interface of this website is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. To download your favorite video on this website, follow the easy steps.

  1. Visit the savefrom.net website from your browser.
  2. As you open the website, you will see the search bar in the middle of the homepage.
  3. Paste your favorite video clip link in the search bar and choose the quality.
  4. The video will be automatically downloaded in 720p; however, you can choose other quality and formats like WEMB to download videos.

Note: You can also download the savefrom.net helper extension for a better experience.

How to Download Hotstar Video Through App?

If you are an Android user and want to download your favorite video from Hotstar on your mobile phone, follow the steps below to download the video through the Hotstar app.

  1. First, install the Hotstar app if you don’t yet install the app.
  2. Search your favorite content on the Hotstar app that you want to download.
  3. There will be a download option available for every video. Click on the option and choose the video quality.
  4. Now, the downloading will be successfully started.

Note: You can also use videoder app to save and download videos on your Android from Hotstar.


Is Hotstar Paid?

Yes, Hotstar is one of the popular digital entertainment paid platforms. There are different subscription packages available; you can choose your plan for Hotstar according to your convenience.

Can I download videos from Hotstar?

Yes, you can download videos from Hotstar. Usually, Hotstar Videos provides the downloading video service for seven days. The content will be removed, but if you want to save it for an extended period, you can download it easily.

Which is one of the best online tools to download Hotstar videos?

Many online tools are available that help you download videos from Hotstar. According to our search, one of the best tools is the Ace Thinker website.

Is it legal to download videos from Hotstar?

Downloading copyrighted content without permission is generally illegal. Hotstar allows you to download select content within their app for offline viewing, but using third-party tools to download videos may violate their terms of service. Always respect the content creator’s rights and use this guide for personal, non-commercial purposes only.

Final Words

This post will guide you on easily downloading your Hotstar video to watch it later on your PC without installing any software. There are different software available to download videos. I hope this post will be helpful for you. Thanks for visiting.

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