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How to Fix iPhone battery draining issue? (After the latest update iOS 16)

by Team Techager
How to Fix iPhone battery draining issue (After the latest update iOS 15)

Probably you Updated iPhone iOS 16 and facing a fast battery draining issue? You need to do some settings then you can minimize the iPhone battery draining so fast issue.

After the latest Apple iOS update, many users are facing several types of bugs such as network carrier issues and lag problems while playing games and so on.

That is the reason you are here. in this article, we completely discussed how to fix the fast iPhone battery draining issue after the latest update iOS 16. Make sure you follow the all instructions and tips mentioned below.

Keep in mind these tips and settings will work for all types of Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Don’t worry about your old model of Apple device.

Try Tips, ​iOS 16 Battery Life Drains Faster

You must try these tips for minimizing the iOS 16 battery life drains faster issue. These tips are mentioned below:

  • Check & Update the latest iOS version
  • Check & Update the Installed Apps
  • Stop the Background Running Apps
  • Activate Lower Battery consumption mode (low power mode)
  • Fix the Low Signal Issue
  • Reduce the iPhone Screen Brightness
  • Age of iPhone.

Check & Update the latest iOS version

The first and essential element that which iOS version you are using? According to the latest Apple update, the iOS 16.0.1 version is available for all Apple devices. So make sure your iPhone is updated at the 16.0.1 iOS version.

If you are using the old iOS version, then follow the instructions and update your iPhones iOS version now:

  • Go into the settings
  • Find the General Option
  • Click on About Phone
  • Check the Software Version
  • Go back and click on Software update.
Check & Update the latest iOS version
Check & Update the latest iOS version

In my case, using the latest version of iOS, so no need to update it. Make sure you turn off the “Automatic Updates” option.

Check & Update the Installed Apps

No doubt, we install and use many apps on iPhone but you have to update them. You must be check once a week that all apps are updated. Make sure your all apps are updated.

Keep in mind, don’t allow the automatic update permission. You have to make it manually. Follow the instructions mentioned below then you will be able to stop automatic installed apps updates:

  • Go into the Settings
  • Click on App Store
  • Turn off the Apps & App Updates.

For updating the installed apps, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go into the App Store
  • Click on the Profile icon (At the left upper side)
  • Click on update all.

You can also update apps one by one or that you want to update. It can take some time, depend on your app’s file size and your internet connection. Automatic apps update consume battery and this way your iPhone battery drains faster.

Stop the Background Running Apps

Background running apps also consume the battery so you need to stop them for increasing your iPhone battery life as well as iPhone charging process.

  • Go into the Main Settings
  • Press on General Settings
  • Go into the Background Apps
  • Stop the Background Running Apps.

Activate Lower Battery consumption mode

If your iPhone is old and drains the battery fast, then you have to activate a lower battery consumption mode. After activating this option, you will be able to increase your iPhone battery life.

No doubt you will face some lag issue in iPhone but believe us you can increase use battery timing. How to activate lower power mode:

  • Go into the Settings
  • Click on Battery Option
  • Turn on the Lower Power Mode.
Activate Lower Battery consumption mode
Activate Lower Battery consumption mode

Make sure “lower power mode” is turn off when you play games or using editing software. Otherwise, you will face some lag issues while playing games.

Fix the Low Signal Issue

Your iPhone is always remaining in searching strong signal. In most cases, single is weak then probably your iPhone will search and will consume more battery power for a strong signal. So make sure you are at the location where your iPhone can easily catch strong signals.

Reduce the iPhone Screen Brightness

iPhone screen brightness is the major part of battery consuming fast. Make sure you set it at automatic or at minimizing level. According to my personal experience, more than 40% battery-consuming part is screen brightness so keep in mind this can affect your iPhone battery timing. For reducing the screen brightness follow the instructions:

  • In iPhone settings
  • Click on Display & Brightness
  • Turn on the Automatic or reduce the brightness
Reduce the iPhone Screen Brightness
Reduce the iPhone Screen Brightness

Ensure that you are using dark theme iPhone mode, in Apple device, there is two basically theme that can use.

  • Light Theme
  • Dark Theme.

Make sure you are using the “Dark theme”, this theme will consume minimum battery and your iPhone battery timing will increase.

Age of iPhone

No doubt iPhone age does matter; with the passage of time, your iPhone battery health is decrease as well as your charging capacity.

According to the Apple development team:

“A normal battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles when operating under normal conditions.”


Can outdated software or apps cause battery draining issues?

Yes, outdated software or apps can cause battery draining issues due to incompatibilities or bugs. It’s essential to keep your iPhone and apps updated to ensure optimal performance and battery life.

How can I check my iPhone’s battery health?

You can check your iPhone’s battery health by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Here, you can view the Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability of your battery, which can help you determine if it needs to be replaced.

How do I know when it’s time to replace my iPhone’s battery?

If your iPhone’s battery health shows a significantly reduced maximum capacity (below 80%) or if you are experiencing unexpected shutdowns and reduced performance, it might be time to consider a battery replacement.

Can resetting my iPhone fix battery draining issues?

Resetting your iPhone can potentially fix battery draining issues caused by software glitches or misconfigurations. Before resetting, back up your data and try other troubleshooting steps mentioned above. If the issue persists, you can reset your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings or Erase All Content and Settings.

Final Thoughts

According to my personal experience and after reading many articles related to iPhone battery health, I came to this result that these elements can affect battery life so keep control of these things, and then you will be able to increase iPhone battery timing. Further, if you have any better way to increase battery timing, share with us through the comments box.

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