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How To Keep Employees Engaged?

by Team Techager
How To Keep Employees Engaged

Do you struggle to keep your employees engaged? This is a problem that many managers have, especially those that manage remote workers. A lack of engagement is worrying because it can lead to dips in performance, low morale and high staff turnover. It can also affect the atmosphere and company culture in the workplace, so it is important that this is an issue that is addressed. Fortunately, there are lots of effective ways to increase employee engagement that should boost performance, keep your staff happy and help you to retain your top performers. Keep reading to discover a few of the best ways to keep your employees engaged at work.

Provide Individual Attention

One of the most important steps to increase employee engagement is to ensure that you are providing individual attention to each staff member. Otherwise, employees could easily fade into the background and become disinterested at work. You need to provide individual attention to every team member and get to know each person so that you can find the best ways of supporting each person. This should also involve giving regular feedback, especially positive feedback which can put a spring in their step and help them to feel valued.

Help People To Progress Their Career

Following on from this, you should also make sure that you take the time to understand everyone’s career goals and then help them to achieve this within your company. No one wants to feel like they are stuck in a job and people will be more engaged and happier to stay put if they know that they are able to progress in their careers. This also means that you need to provide staff training and provide development opportunities as well as promote from within.

Invest In Employee Wellbeing

You must also prioritize employee wellbeing to ensure that your team is happy and healthy while working at your business. There has been a greater emphasis placed on employee wellbeing since the pandemic and it is something that can make a huge difference to the employee experience. A few ways to improve employee wellbeing include:

  • Offer flexible working
  • Implement mental health programs
  • Encourage mindfulness at work
  • Reduce drivers of stress
  • Offer fun and active activities
  • Provide healthy snacks at work

Encourage Communication In The Workplace

You also want to encourage your team to communicate with one another and build relationships over time. You should encourage people to talk during the working day and get involved in these conversations (people follow the example set by management). These conversations can help to improve morale and create unity in the workplace, but just make sure that they do not come at the expense of work!

Arrange Team Building & Social Events

Leading on from this, you will also find it beneficial to arrange regular team building and social events. In order for an employee to feel engaged at work, they need to get along with colleagues and feel like they are a part of a team. Team building activities and informal social events are both highly effective ways to achieve this that should encourage people to strike up relationships, which will then boost performance at work as well as create a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

Give Them Meaningful Work

People often lose interest in their work and lose morale when they feel that their work is meaningless. Therefore, it is important to give your team meaningful work and explain how their efforts are helping the business to thrive. On top of this, you should also offer role variation so that people are not doing the same tasks and processes every single day. You could also look into volunteering opportunities as a way for staff to make a positive difference to a meaningful cause and this can benefit all parties.

Gather Feedback With Intranet Surveys

You also want employees to provide feedback so that they can feel heard and to improve the working experience for them. This is not always easy, but you can gather feedback with intranet surveys that will make it a lot easier for your team to share their views. Intranet surveys can be useful for keeping your team engaged by asking direct questions, they can involve employees in important decisions and help to achieve consensus among teams. Essentially, these surveys give employees the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas, and this will always be an effective way to increase engagement while also helping you to bring new viewpoints to the table.

Set Goals

You also need to keep your team motivated in order to keep them engaged at work. Setting goals is one of the oldest methods in the book for keeping employees motivated and remains highly effective. You should set individual, team, and business goals in the short, medium and long term to keep your team engaged and focused at all times. Crucially, make sure that the goals are challenging but also achievable so that your team can get satisfaction from achieving their goals. Remember to always celebrate when goals have been achieved.

Provide A Comfortable Work Environment

You also need to consider the environment that you are providing for your team. You cannot expect staff to be happy, engaged and productive at work if they are working in a drab, dingy and dated office. You should invest in high-quality office furniture, maximize natural light, add office plants and decorate in tasteful yet neutral decor. You should also encourage staff to decorate their own work areas to ensure that they feel happy and comfortable at their desks.

These are a few of the best ways that you can increase employee engagement at work. Every successful business will have a team of employees that are engaged, focused and happy in their role, but this is not something that will fall into place and happen naturally. You need to make an effort to increase employee engagement, but this will always be worthwhile as it can benefit the business in so many ways and create a positive atmosphere at work.

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