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How to Unblock Your Fiewin Account? (100% Working Method)

by Asiya Kanwal
How to Unblock Your Fiewin Account

Fiewin app is an online earning app used to earn money by simply playing colorful and entertaining games or by inviting friends and family members. It has millions of users and investors as well across the world. It’s a fun earning game you can earn money with entertainment.

There is a variety of games available for players that they can play easily and earn massive money from it. These games include fast parity, Minesweeper, Andar Bahar, crash, dice, Hilo, and circle.

Apart from that on each referral join you will get Rs 10 in your account. After your friends or referral play any game, you can withdraw the money from your wallet.

How to Unblock Your Fiewin Account in 2023? (Stepwise Guide)

If your Fiewin account is locked for any reason and you want to unlock it then here we will describe the complete and authentic methods for you so that you can easily unlock your account on the Fiewin app. The reason behind your account block is you may violate the policy of Fiewin or use your account inappropriately.

Step 1: Identify the Reason for the Block

Before you can unblock your Fiewin account, you must understand why it was blocked in the first place. Common reasons include:

  • Suspicious activity
  • Multiple accounts
  • Violation of terms and conditions.

Step 2: Contact Fiewin Customer Support

Once you’ve identified the reason for the block, reach out to Fiewin’s customer support team. You can contact them through the following methods:

  • In-app chat support
  • Email at [email protected]
  • Direct messages on their social media channels.

Step 3: Provide the Necessary Information

When contacting customer support, provide them with the necessary information to verify your identity and help them understand the issue. This may include:

  • Your Fiewin account username or email address
  • The reason for the block (if known)
  • Any supporting documents or screenshots.

Step 4: Follow Instructions Provided by Customer Support

Once you have contacted customer support and provided the necessary information, they will guide you through the process of unblocking your account. Follow their instructions carefully, and be prepared to complete any required steps such as verifying your identity or providing additional documentation.

Step 5: Wait for a Resolution

After you’ve completed the necessary steps, allow some time for customer support to review your case and make a decision. The timeframe can vary depending on the complexity of the issue, but they will usually respond within a few days.

Step 6: Check Your Account Status

Once you receive a response from Fiewin customer support, check your account to see if it has been unblocked. If your account is still blocked, follow up with customer support for further assistance.

Follow the Quick Methods

Sending Mail:

  1. This is one of the most convenient ways to unblock your account on the Fiewin app.
  2. Simply go to your Gmail compose mail section.
  3. Write the proper subject “request for unblock account” or something else you want.
  4. Write down the complete and precise mail with the registered contact number that you have provided during registration.
  5. After writing the mail send this mail to the official email address of Fiewin [email protected].

Help Center:

You can also unblock your Fiewin account through the help center for that follow the below few easy steps.

  1. Open your profile on Fiewin app and click on the notification you have received from Fiewin.
  2. Choose the Ban Appeal option to provide all your detail like contact number along with reason etc.
  3. Now click on the submit tab provided on the screen and within 24 to 72 hours you will receive the response from officials.

Why Your Fiewin Account is Blocked? Key Points to Consider

There might be several reasons for blocking of your account it may be a policy violation. Fiewin allows only one account on one device if you are running more than one account on the single device then your account will be suspended or blocked by officials. Try to run only one account on a single device. Follow the key point to consider:

Multiple Accounts: Creating and using more than one account on Fiewin is against their terms and conditions. If the platform detects multiple accounts associated with a single user, they may block all related accounts.

Suspicious Activity: Fiewin constantly monitors user activity to prevent fraud and maintain a secure environment. If they detect any suspicious or unusual activity on your account, they may block it to protect the platform and its users.

Violation of Terms and Conditions: Fiewin has a set of rules and guidelines that users must follow. If you violate any of these terms and conditions, your account may be blocked. Examples of violations include using bots, attempting to hack the platform, or exploiting game mechanics.

Chargebacks or Payment Disputes: If you initiate a chargeback or dispute a payment made on Fiewin, the platform may block your account as a precautionary measure while they investigate the issue.

Incomplete or Incorrect Verification: Fiewin requires users to verify their identity to ensure the platform remains secure. If you provide incomplete or incorrect verification information, your account may be blocked until the issue is resolved.

Account Inactivity: If your Fiewin account remains inactive for an extended period, it may be blocked to protect your personal information and prevent unauthorized access.

Security Concerns: In some cases, Fiewin may block an account if they believe it has been compromised or if there’s a risk of unauthorized access. This is done to protect the user’s information and the platform’s integrity.

By being aware of these common reasons for account blocking, you can take precautions to ensure your Fiewin account remains in good standing and avoid potential issues.

How to Withdraw Money from Fiewin App? (Easy Method)

If you want to withdraw money from Fiewin app and are curious to know how you can do it then here is a complete method for you. Using this method you can easily withdraw money from the app.

  1. Visit the official website of Fiewin or launched an app in your mobile.
  2. After that visit the Fiewin homepage and click on the withdraw option.
  3. Now add your payment method along with the amount you want to withdraw.
  4. Now press the withdraw button available on page and the amount will be instantly sent to your account.


What is Fiewin app?

Fiewin app is a popular earning app on games and color prediction. You can also make money through referrals. Just simply share the link from your profile with your friends and family members and enjoy the bonus from Fiewin.

How to win Fiewin games?

There are several games available on Fiewin and you can easily play them and win cash. Color prediction games are also available. Just predict the right color that will next appear on the screen and enjoy the money.

Can I unblock my Fiewin account if it was blocked for violating the terms and conditions?

If your account was blocked for violating Fiewin’s terms and conditions, it may be challenging to get it unblocked. You will need to contact Fiewin’s customer support and provide an explanation for the violation. Depending on the severity of the violation, Fiewin may or may not unblock your account.

How do I contact Fiewin customer support?

To contact Fiewin customer support, you can visit their official website and navigate to the “Contact Us” or “Help” section. You can also look for an email address, phone number, or live chat option to get in touch with a customer support representative. Keep in mind that response times may vary depending on the support channel you choose and their current volume of inquiries.

Final Thoughts

Fiewin is a popular online platform available in both form web and app. This platform is working for more than a year and is a trusted platform to earn money. Millions of people use this app to earn money on daily basis for free. This post will guide you on how to easily unblock your account if somehow your account is blocked. Thanks for visiting.

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