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How to Withdraw Money from Fiverr in Pakistan? (Secure Method)

by Asiya Kanwal
How to Withdraw Money from Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the leading and largest digital marketplaces where people from different parts of the world demand and fulfill each requirement of each other. It is a useful platform for both sellers and buyers. Seller sells their services through Gig and on the other hand buyer posts their project demand and gets a proposal from different sellers across the world then the buyer can choose one of them whose offers are budget friendly and beneficial for them.

After the project submission and client satisfaction the sellers get paid. This is one of the authentic and useful methods to earn money at home by utilizing your skills.

There are different ways to withdraw money from Fiverr. This post will lead you to an authentic and verified method to withdraw money from Fiverr.

How to Withdraw Money from Fiverr in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, there are millions of people who offer their services online and get paid through one of the popular payment methods known as Payoneer. If you have already created your Payoneer account, then follow the below procedure to withdraw money from Payoneer.

Step 1: Complete Your Fiverr Profile

Before you can withdraw money from Fiverr, ensure that your profile is complete and up to date, including your personal information, skills, and portfolio. A complete profile also helps to build trust with potential clients.

Step 2: Verify Your Identity

Fiverr requires users to verify their identity to maintain a secure platform. To do this, you will need to provide a valid government-issued ID. Follow Fiverr’s instructions for identity verification, and once your identity has been confirmed, you’ll be eligible to withdraw your earnings.

Step 3: Choose A Withdrawal Method

Fiverr offers several withdrawal methods, including PayPal, bank transfer, and Fiverr’s Revenue Card (powered by Payoneer). For Pakistani freelancers, the most commonly used methods are:

Bank Transfer: You can withdraw your earnings directly to your local bank account in PKR (Pakistani Rupees). This method is easy and convenient, but transaction fees may apply.

Payoneer: Payoneer is a popular withdrawal method for Pakistani freelancers. It allows you to withdraw your Fiverr earnings to a Payoneer account, which can then be transferred to your local bank account or used with a Payoneer MasterCard for online and offline purchases.

Step 4: Link Your Withdrawal Method

Once you have chosen a withdrawal method, you will need to link it to your Fiverr account.

For Bank Transfer:

  • Go to the “Earnings” tab on Fiverr.
  • Click on “Bank Transfer.”
  • Fill in your bank account details and submit.

For Payoneer:

  • Sign up for a Payoneer account if you don’t have one.
  • Go to the “Earnings” tab on Fiverr.
  • Click on “Fiverr Revenue Card” (which is powered by Payoneer).
  • Follow the instructions to link your Payoneer account with Fiverr.

Step 5: Withdraw Your Earnings

After linking your preferred withdrawal method, you can now withdraw your earnings.

  • Go to the “Earnings” tab on Fiverr.
  • Check your available balance (note that there’s a 14-day clearance period after order completion).
  • Click on the “Withdraw” button next to your preferred withdrawal method.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the withdrawal process. Depending on the method you chose, your funds will be transferred to your bank account or Payoneer account.

Step 6: Monitor Your Transaction

Keep track of your withdrawal transaction status. It may take a few hours to a few business days for the funds to arrive, depending on the withdrawal method and your bank’s processing times. If you encounter any issues or delays, contact Fiverr customer support or your withdrawal service provider for assistance.

Step 7: Manage Your Taxes

As a freelancer in Pakistan, you are responsible for managing your taxes. Ensure that you maintain accurate records of your Fiverr earnings and withdrawals. Depending on your income level, you may be required to file and pay taxes. Consult with a tax professional or the Federal Board of Revenue for guidance on your tax obligations.

Quick Method:

  1. Go to the Fiverr website and log in to your official account and then simply go to earning option from the dashboard.
  2. Now click on the bank transfer from the available option there.
  3. Now you have to choose one of the verification methods to calls or sms this sms or call will be transferred to the number that you have provided with your bank account.
  4. You will receive the code for verification enter that code and then click the submit button.
  5. Now as you submit the code click on the ok tab and then you will receive the email from Fiverr.
  6. Open that mail and click on the link with the tab click here. After clicking on the tab now in the new tab click on Get started.
  7. Now again on the sign-up page click on the click here tab available at the top right corner of the page and then you will be landed on the Payoneer sign-in page.
  8. Provide your details and then in a few moments you will be landed on a new window with the tab “Back to Revenue” click on that tab.
  9. After that, you will be again on earning page now again click on bank transfer and enter your amount and confirm it by clicking on confirm and withdraw button.
  10. Through this method, you can easily withdraw your amount from Payoneer to bank accounts.

Note: You can withdraw the amount if it is more than 20 or 20 dollars. Below 20 dollars you will not be able to withdraw money from Payoneer.

How to Connect Payoneer to JazzCash? (Withdraw Guide)

In Pakistan recently JazzCash mobile wallet has added the Payoneer withdraw option. Now freelancers can withdraw their funds directly to their JazzCash wallet from Payoneer. For that follow bellow steps.

  1. First of all, create your JazzCash account and install the app on your android.
  2. Login to your account in the JazzCash app and navigate to the Payoneer through JazzCash app.
  3. After clicking on Payoneer sign in to your Payoneer account.
  4. Now your JazzCash account is successfully linked with the Payoneer account and you can directly withdraw funds from there.
  5. JazzCash will charge you a 2% fee on each transaction which low than other platforms or methods.


What is the most used payment method for Fiverr in Pakistan?

There are different methods to withdraw money from Fiverr. In Pakistan, you can easily withdraw money from Fiverr through banks and JazzCash wallet accounts.

Which payment method is best for Fiverr?

Credit and debit cards are the most favorable payment methods for Fiverr accounts.

How many days does it take to receive funds in your accounts from Fiverr?

Different payment methods have different procedures. But usually, it takes 1 to 3 business days to receive your funds in your local currency.

What is the least withdrawal amount from Payoneer?

The least withdrawn money is $20 if you have $20 in your accounts then you can withdraw it through Payoneer. Less than this range Payoneer does not support.

Final Thought

Fiverr is a useful platform for freelancers and millions and billions of people around the globe use this platform for earning. If you are a freelancer and don’t know how you can withdraw your earning amount from it then this post will guide you. Thanks for visiting.

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