Improve Website Status With Instant Dedicated Server

Improve Website Status With Instant Dedicated Server


When choosing a dedicated server in New York (or anywhere else in the world), many Instant Dedicated Server factors are to consider. You need to consider your budget and your dedicated server’s memory, hardware, and performance needs. When choosing a dedicated hosting service, however, you should consider factors such as latency and distance.

What is Instant Dedicated Server Activation?

We provide powerful Instant Dedicated Server solutions to run your services without breaking the bank. Those who need dedicated servers can find instant solutions here. Instant dedicated servers are conveniently located in our prime data centers worldwide (see the locations below). Each Instant Windows Dedicated Server includes the following hardware and software:

  • Run-on hardware and CPUs from Supermicro;
  • A 1Gbps network port is included, as well as your choice of OS from the provided list.
  • Once the order is confirmed, you have the option to reinstall the OS once it has been installed.

Convenient options for you

You can choose between SSD or HDD storage; the top providers accept several payment types when completing the order: credit cards to PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money, and every cryptocurrency.

The quality of the Dedicated server instant activation service will certainly exceed your expectations. In every dedicated server service provider’s offer, care is taken – they guarantee 99.9% uptime. If you pay for a Dedicated server instant set up, all of its possibilities and resources are at your disposal! Use them whenever you need them.

Top Benefits of Dedicated server Instant Set-Up

When you purchase professionally managed services for your dedicated server, you will receive advanced on-demand support from our experienced server experts.

  • A perfect balance between performance and efficiency
  • Everyone can now take advantage of new functionality.
  • Hosting that provides power and flexibility
  • With a dedicated solution, you will have access to industry-leading, robust technology.
  • Extras available as optional add-ons
  • You can upgrade your email, security, and marketing for your account.

-Powerful Configurations

A high-traffic website or critical business application can be handled easily by servers that feature SSD storage, DDR4 Memory, and Xeon D processors.

-Extreme Speed

OpenStack, for example, is used to power each custom-built server. As the server gets better over time, performance can be increased.

-Fast Provisioning

Immediately after your server is built, our expert technicians rack it and connect it to the network. As a result, you can immediately begin using your server.

-Maximum Control

Our SSD Dedicated Server Hosting gives advanced users unrestricted access to everything from the operating system to Apache.

-Improved cPanel

In addition to our enhanced cPanel-based interface, all dedicated configurations come with our integration of a central control panel, making it easy to manage all your websites, domains, emails, and other resources.

-Access Control

Password-protect only the aspects of your account that you want to be accessed. Send one to someone who owns the computer and manages the server, along with your master password.

-Domain Privacy

Mask the personal information associated with your domain name to prevent identity theft, spam, and phishing attacks.

-Spam Protection

Google-powered Postini filters harmful and unwanted messages from entering your inbox, separating them for review after being quarantined.


Detect and fix vulnerabilities and threats on your websites before they cause problems to prevent attacks and malware.

Why you need to Choose Instant Windows Dedicated Server

Getting instant setup and activation for your web hosting is like getting to wear that trendy new outfit right out of the store. An immediate gratification mentality often leads consumers to bypass a larger future benefit favoring an immediate experience of a slightly lesser reward.

Isn’t it better to have the furniture delivered ready to use than spend an hour or two assembling it? In the case of selecting the Best Instant dedicated server hosting, the same factors play a role. Although virtualization and automation have accelerated server setup, clicking the buy button doesn’t ensure your website can be up and running immediately.

Points you can remember before purchasing a Cheap Instant Server Hosting Plan.

The amount and complexity of computing resources determine the availability of instant web hosting plans. In contrast, shared hosting is the simplest and most cost-effective hosting option – and requires no setup whatsoever. There are thousands of host environments and hundreds of servers’ storage, bandwidth, and a memory waiting to handle the flood of customers.

Easy to use plan features

A shared Cheap Instant server hosting plan offers plenty of beginner-friendly features right out of the box, as it is the most affordable and beginner-friendly type of plan. We recommend various plans below, most of which come with free perks like cPanel hosting and one-click software installations.

Easy publishing

Almost any cheap web hosting service you are interested in will be ready to go once you have finished the order. These hosts will make sure your site will be ready to publish as fast as you construct it, whether you’re comparing free and paid to host options or to seek unlimited storage and bandwidth.

IP address

Hosting dedicated servers requires each server to have its unique IP address instead of shared hosting, which shares IP addresses and other resources across multiple sites. You might have your ranking pushed down if one of your neighboring sites is an adult or spam site.


If you mean your own IP address, then you are referring to dedicated server hosting. You should take special note of this if you run an e-commerce website that requires SSL to process credit cards. You must provide your clients with the security of an SSL certificate if you want them to enter their personal and credit card information.

An SSL certificate requires a dedicated IP address. Buying a dedicated IP address is not as important as hosting a high-traffic website on a dedicated server for a high-traffic website.

More controls over Technology and IT services

The nature of Instant dedicated server hosting allows you to have greater control over your servers and resources, which is a major advantage for most online businesses. You can manage server configuration more easily with dedicated hosting.

As a result, you can customize your server to meet your specific CPU, RAM, disk space, and software requirements. It allows you to adjust it as your website evolves. Dedicated hosting can be tailored to meet the needs of a rapidly growing business.

Ability to change or modify plans

The growth of your business doesn’t mean that you need to change hosting plans. You can adapt or modify the existing applications and services. More opportunities will arise, or unpredicted markets will arise, and you will remain flexible. A scalable solution allows you to modify resources as needed.


The Instant dedicated servers offered by Wisesolution provide scalability and performance while removing the costs of on-site IT infrastructure. We offer clients on-demand firewalls, load balancers, network infrastructure, and raw storage for mission-critical business plans and applications.

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