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Key Features of a Good Proxy Service

by Team Techager
Key Features of a Good Proxy Service

Proxy services have been the primary layer of protection against cybercrime on the internet. Many people fall victim to cyberattacks each year. Moreover, in 2021, each online company experienced a cyberattack 270 times in one year. The worst part is that the numbers keep increasing.

Protecting yourself or your online business from a potential attack and data theft is paramount. You need a layer of protection that will not allow third parties to access your information. Proxy servers can protect all your data while surfing the web. With a proxy, you will sleep better because you will know that your data is safe.

Keep reading to learn what a proxy is and how to detect a good proxy service.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a server application that filters traffic and acts as a firewall. It stands between your web browser and the server of a specific website you visit. Every HTTP request you make seems to come from a different location since the app masks your IP address.

Therefore, a proxy is a block standing between you and everyone else on the internet. Your internet location, or IP address, is where all your data is stored. Once someone accesses your IP address, they will access all your data, including bank accounts, passwords, email accounts, etc.

What proxy does, in this case, is make all the requests on the internet for you, thus hiding your IP address from others. No one can access your IP address since you are not using your own to make requests on the internet.

Proxies have many more benefits than keeping you safe, and many industries use them. Take a look at some of the use cases below.

Proxy use cases

You can use proxies for personal and business needs, which are equally important. Besides giving you high-quality security, a proxy server can grow your business. Let’s see how.

Market research

In business, market research is one of the most critical processes. Since many companies are going online and the competition keeps growing, you should do market research often to keep your business flourishing.

Using a proxy, you can access all the data you need to grow your business, such as what audience your competition attracts, their best-selling products or services, etc.

A proxy plays a vital role in market research since you can’t do it using one IP address because you will get an IP ban. Luckily, a proxy server will assign you a new address for every HTTP request.

App development

Are you currently developing an app and must ensure everything is working correctly? A proxy can be a beneficial tool for you. Namely, it will help your app development because it can analyze and track traffic on the app.

When launching your app, you need to ensure everything is working flawlessly. To do so, you can use a proxy to determine whether your app needs a bit more time for development or you can add your finishing touches and launch it.

Poor vs. good proxy service

You need to pay attention to a few things when choosing a suitable proxy for you. Remember that we all have different needs; what works for someone might not work for others.

A good proxy service will always have a clean and user-friendly interface; you should be able to use it independently, without any help. Additionally, it will provide a stable connection to the proxy; if you ever encounter software bugs, you might not be using a high-quality service. Find more info about high-quality proxy services.

Before getting a proxy, you should always check the speeds available; an excellent service will provide at least 1 GB per second. However, the proxy’s speed depends on the server’s location; that can make it either faster or slower, but it should never go under 1 GB per second.

Lastly, a high-quality proxy will always be a paid option. Free proxy servers might not be as reliable since many free IP addresses have already been used. If you want top security for your data, you should always use the paid proxy server option.


Finding the perfect proxy may seem confusing since there are many different types of them on the market. However, all proxy servers will provide you with security and protection. They are the best way to keep your data safe.

However, there is a difference between good ones and their low-quality counterparts. A high-quality proxy is the one that will leave you worry-free, with absolutely no chance of someone stealing your information.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from many different types of proxies, but we don’t recommend using a shared one. These proxies can be corrupted, although they are often free.

Now that you have learned how to find an excellent proxy service, you can sit back and be at peace, knowing your data is safe.

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