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Lab-Grown Diamond Buying Guide

by Team Techager
Lab-Grown Diamond Buying Guide

Lab-grown diamond is a valuable diamond that has been manufactured in a lab for use in jewellery. Lab-grown diamonds cost less than natural stones, but both come with their own price tags. The cost of a lab-grown diamond can be significantly more expensive than the cost of a natural stone; this is because it takes an extensive amount of time and experimentation to reproduce nature’s most durable gemstone, making them rare and more costly to produce.

What are lab-grown diamonds vs natural?

Below are some of the similarities between lab-created diamonds vs natural ones, as explored in our comparison of lab-grown diamonds vs natural diamonds.

1. Both are made of carbon and bonded together.

The Carbon atoms in natural and lab-created diamonds are attracted to each other in a process known as carbon bonding. This is the same reason that diamonds are so hard and heat resistant. Both natural and lab-grown diamonds will have the same chemical composition, and thus, look identical on the inside.

2. Both are very expensive due to scarcity of supply.

Natural diamonds cost more because they take billions of years to form under very extreme conditions. The process is so unlikely that it isn’t even possible for scientists to “turn back the clock” or artificially speed up this highly intensive process of nature. Because it takes millions of years to develop, natural diamonds are limited in supply, resulting in their large price tag.

3. Both are gems.

Both natural and lab-created diamonds have the same chemical composition on the inside, making them both diamonds. The only difference between a lab diamond and a natural diamond is that a lab-created one is created in a lab with controlled conditions, which removes some of the randomnesses from its formation.

4. Both require care to maintain their beauty.

Like all gemstones, both natural and lab-grown diamonds need to be carefully maintained in order to retain their lustre and optimal sparkle. Without proper care, lab-grown diamonds can begin to degrade in appearance over time due to impurities or exposure to extreme temperatures or weather conditions.

Get to know www.RareCarat.com

RareCarat is a trusted online jewellery retailer that has a vast selection of lab-created diamond engagement rings and wedding sets to choose from. Our quality diamonds are affordable and shipped directly to you in just days. RareCarat sells lab-grown diamond wholesale, made in a factory, not the earth. Browse our collection online now to find your ideal diamond.

Lab Grown Diamond” deals from www.rarecarat.com

Below are tips on how to get the most out of your lab-grown diamond purchase from www.rarecarat.com.

1. Know your budget

Make sure you understand how much money you want to spend on a lab diamond before browsing through the selection of products. This way, you won’t be caught off guard by prices, and instead can focus on what you want and need.

2. Know your diamond options

If you’re concerned about the durability of lab-created diamonds, we suggest purchasing an 18k white gold over the platinum setting. Platinum may look better at first with the added sparkle, but it is more likely to tarnish over time. White gold will hold up better in the long run without compromising the sparkle of your lab diamond.

3. Know your quality standards

The lab-grown diamonds offered on www.rarecarat.com are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a very special lab-created diamond, we suggest purchasing one of our highly coveted designs.

4. Know your warranty options

At RareCarat.com, you can purchase an additional 5-year extended warranty on all purchased diamonds. This means that if your lab diamond loses its lustre or cracks within the first 5 years of purchase, you can return it at no cost to you, and have it replaced as part of our limited warranty program.

5. Know your price point

If you’re looking for a budget diamond, we suggest purchasing a lab-grown diamond with the standard 18k yellow gold and platinum settings. This will be more cost-effective than buying an expensive 18k white gold setting.

6. Know your specifications

If you’re looking for lab-created diamonds that are cut differently, such as a cushion or full cut, then make sure to search through different options before making a purchase from www.rarecarat.com. You can search different cuts by using our keyword tool on the website and narrowing down the options from there.

Lab-grown diamond cost

The lab-grown diamond cost can vary depending upon a number of factors; these include the size and clarity of the stone, as larger stones will have higher prices. It is expected that smaller stones will be less expensive than larger ones because it takes more time and effort to produce them. The cost range of lab-created diamonds is anywhere from $50 to $100, with the average ranging from around $80 to $120.

Lab grown engagement rings have become increasingly popular with millennials due to their ethical and sustainable manufacturing process, which aligns with the values of the generation, as well as the affordability and high quality of the lab grown diamonds used.


What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic or cultured diamonds, are man-made gems created in a controlled laboratory environment using advanced technology, mimicking natural diamond formation.

How do lab-grown diamonds differ from natural diamonds?

While lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamonds, their origin differs. Lab-grown diamonds are created by humans, while natural diamonds are formed naturally over millions of years.

What factors should I consider when buying a lab-grown diamond?

Consider the 4Cs (carat, cut, color, and clarity) to evaluate the quality of a lab-grown diamond. Also, assess certification, origin, and eco-friendliness to make an informed decision.

Are lab-grown diamonds more affordable than natural diamonds?

Generally, lab-grown diamonds tend to be more affordable than natural diamonds due to the controlled creation process, which makes them less rare and more cost-effective to produce.

Can I trust the quality of a lab-grown diamond?

Yes, lab-grown diamonds undergo rigorous grading and certification processes, similar to natural diamonds. Ensure that the diamond you purchase comes with a certificate from a reputable grading lab.


It is important that you understand the difference between lab-created and natural diamonds. While both come from carbon and take a great deal of time to form, one is grown in a lab with controlled conditions, while the other is formed in nature with little to no human intervention. This determines the price point, rarity, and overall value of both stones.

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