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Microsoft Dynamics NAV-CRM Integration Means Organizational Optimization

by Team Techager
Microsoft Dynamics NAV-CRM Integration Means Organizational Optimization

CRM-ERP Systems Integration Ensures that Your Business Stays Competitive

Microsoft Dynamics NAV-CRM data integration projects are notoriously complex and unwieldy, doubly so for organizations that don’t employ integration experts like Rapidi to assist with the process. However, data integration is crucial for any business looking to remain competitive in today’s cut-throat market environment. The key to getting and staying ahead is optimized data management and implementation; this is the goal of data integration.

ERP-CRM Data Integration 101

Since you clicked on this article, it’s likely that your organization implements Dynamics NAV as its ERP of choice. Dynamics NAV is a robust yet flexible ERP solution which remains popular globally, despite having been supplanted by newer Dynamics products, such as Dynamics 365. According to Apps Run the World, Dynamics NAV is the ERP of choice for well-known companies such as Rexel and Heineken. It’s built to be scalable and user-friendly, and is the perfect ERP of choice for small to mid-sized businesses.

Because Dynamics NAV is a legacy system, organizations generally complement it with a disparate CRM. ERPs and CRMs go hand in hand; one of them handles the “behind-the-scenes” facets of everyday business operations, and the other handles the customer-facing operations. What many businesses fail to realize is that they aren’t getting the most out of their ERP and CRM unless they’re fully and truly integrated.

How Data Integration Lets You Get the Most out of Your ERP and CRM

The goal of data integration is to equip businesses with everything they need to manage and operate from the data they’ve collected. You may be wondering: if there exist programs that include both ERP and CRM capacities, why do businesses still choose disparate programs? The answer is that “jack of all trades” software rarely has the same depth and years of expertise as industry titans like NAV and Salesforce. Salesforce and Microsoft have spent years perfecting and honing their software; the same can’t be said of other companies.

The savviest businesses understand this, and that’s why data integration is and always will be relevant. So long as there are separate applications and softwares, there will be a need to synchronize them in order to generate a unified point of truth from which all of a business’s team members can operate. Luckily, high-end data integration solutions such as RapidiOnline take the headache out of systems integration projects.

Helping Others Go Green, One Integration Project at a Time

With nearly thirty years of honing according to best business practices, RapidiOnline was the integration solution of choice by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The WBCSD is a global organization based in Geneva, and is comprised of over two hundred businesses representing all major business sectors and economies, with a collective 19 million employees total. The goal of the WBCSD is to deliver environmentally healthy and sustainable business solutions to the myriad problems facing the world today.

Originally operating with Dynamics NAV alone, the WBCSD eventually decided to acquire Salesforce to streamline their customer-facing operations. Due to the scope of the WBCSD, data integration was mandatory in order to keep everyone on the same page. Rapidi stood out as their data integration specialists of choice, in no small part due to their well-earned reputation as Microsoft and Salesforce experts. RapidiOnline itself is a Microsoft-certified solution, and has a consistent track record of making systems integration projects simple, expedient, and seamless. Rapidi offered WBCSD a variety of pre-configured templates, while ensuring that they would happily craft custom solutions in the event that none of their templates fit just right out-of-the-box.

Alt attribute: CRM-ERP integration gives you a 360-degree view of customers, access to business-critical data, and streamlines a variety of processes.

These days, WBCSD relies on RapidiOnline to automatically synchronize customer and vendor data, as well as streamline general finance and management-related tasks. The overall result is a profound increase in employee productivity and workplace efficiency; gone are the days of unwanted data siloing, manual double data entry, and inter-departmental phone tag. Now, when a customer profile is updated in Salesforce, RapidiOnline transfers the data to NAV. Invoicing has been similarly optimized; when a team member creates and sends sales orders via Salesforce, they’re subsequently accepted by the client, and Salesforce sends an invoice while RapidiOnline updates all the relevant actions taken in NAV.

Not only that, but WBCSD’s vital information is safe and secure; RapidiOnline compresses and encrypts all data from beginning to end-point, ensuring that it’s safe from prying eyes. 

Over the course of nearly thirty years, Rapidi has positioned itself as a leader and pioneer in the realm of data integration and replication. With Rapidi’s decades of proven technology and experience at the forefront of your integration project, you can rest assured knowing that your business is getting the most out of its CRM and ERP solutions.

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