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Must-Have Features For Every iOS App

by Team Techager
Must-Have Features For Every iOS App

Technology has now become an inevitable part of our daily life. All these tech-driven systems made our life a bit easier than they used to be. We are becoming dependent on various applications, such as the ones available on iOS platforms.

A lot of people trust Apple products due to some must-have features. Apple offers its users many benefits that make them loyal to the brand and the iOS platform. iPhone app development includes the necessary features to facilitate the growth of the business.

Some top-notch features in iOS apps are mandatory to maintain the platform’s legacy. While developing a new app, developers should be aware of including those features in their customization. Let us have a look at what those must-have features are –

Sign in with Apple

Most people trust Apple because of the security and privacy it offers. No people can sign in to any iOS device without the help of Apple’s native sign-in feature. Along with Google and Facebook authenticators, Apple sign-in is now coming into play. iOS 13 can be signed in with just a tap of a button or with some face ID real quick.

This signing-in ensures high privacy and security of your data, and your data won’t leak. This is how Apple sets a standard for the market and iOS app development to work accordingly. This sign-in feature even works on watchOS and tvOS too. With these high-tech features, Apple is taking the technology experience to another level.

Dark Mode

Apple has introduced dark mode inspired by an event called WWDC 2019 because the environment was dark there. iOS 13 entirely runs in dark mode and gives an eye-soothing experience to the users. The users are also in love with the mode, so it must be available for all the applications on iOS platforms. But if some users think that dark mode is not working for them, that can change that any day.

Shortcuts to Siri

Siri is the virtual assistant of the iOS user and provides the best experience with hands-free commands. Siri can offer you conventional shortcuts like follow-up questions. For example, if you are aware of the shipment status, it will automatically reciprocate with the data asked for. iPhone application development designed Siri so that there is no need to record voice because the voice commands are built in already since manually recorded voice commands make it easier for users to interact with the application.


SiftUI works as an interface toolkit that allows users to develop their apps. An iOS developer can write the code and commands that the application requires. This design tool helps the users in keeping the code and modifying applications.iPhone application development make apps that are compatible with this system.

Core NFC

Core NFC is considered the most challenging and unique app feature available in iOS 13. This ties the knot of the application’s ability to the physical world. Through the core NFC system, your application will be able to read Near Field Communication and supply information to others about real-world objects and physical environments. This can give physical information from anywhere. This system enables the reading of contactless passports, smart cards, or any other cards. To enable CoreNFC on your device, you need to enable Xcode first.

Bottom Line

Introducing custom app development helped many businesses grow with the iOS platform. iOS already has a high standard, and to maintain that, all the applications available on these platforms should also have to fulfil some specific must-have criteria. Your business must fulfill the criteria of the must-haves, and then you are good to go.

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