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PBN SEO – Definition and Overview

by Team Techager
PBN SEO – Definition and Overview

You can’t disregard the significance of link building if you want to improve the amount of organic traffic that comes to your website. Back in 2016, Google provided confirmation that backlinks are one of the three leading ranking criteria, along with content and Rank Brain. 

The question now is if Private Blog Network (PBN) will be good for SEO. In this article, we will provide the necessary information and the things you need to know about PBN. Let us take a deeper look 

What Is PBN in SEO?

Private Blog Network (PBN) is Building backlinks for a single website with the help of a network of authoritative websites   It is a list of websites that are not related to one another that all link to one central domain in order to increase that domain’s rankings and convey link equity to it.

PBN backlinks are inbound hyperlinks that originate from a network of interconnected websites and blogs. These websites are typically controlled by the same person, who is employing each of them in order to generate links to their money site. They also have the opportunity to sell private blog network (PBN) links to the owners of other websites, which brings in additional revenue.

Because Google views unnatural link building of this kind as a kind of exploitative behavior, the site network has been closed off to the general public in order to prevent being discovered (hence, “private” blog network)

Why do some SEOs Use PBN Hosting? 

Most SEOs use PBN hosting as a ranking technique for a website, here are two major reasons

  The first reason is that they are unaware that they are a PBN backlink, and as a result, they unwittingly fall victim to a scam. This is a common occurrence for website owners who are just starting out with SEO and have the goal of increasing their organic traffic. SEO novices are particularly susceptible to falling for this kind of strategy because they aren’t aware of any other option.

The second cause is that you may notice short-term and quick results in the way that your website is ranked in search engines. You will, however, observe a sharp decline in the volume of organic website visitors in no more than six months. This is because Google discovered the private blog network domains and penalized all the websites associated with them. This has a knock-on effect on your website because you are back linked to the websites that Google penalized. 

The trustworthiness of your website as well as its spam ranking will both suffer as a result. PBN networks are something you should look into if you are comfortable with the results in the near term having an effect but most people are interested in expanding their online businesses over the course of several years.

Another reason away from the major reason is most SEOs seek to manipulate anchor text.  

While PBN may have its advantages and disadvantages, the simple answer still remains No.  Backlinks that are sourced from PBN is shady because the individual administering the PBN is required to buy expired domains that already have authority, Google views this particular backlinking approach as one that constitutes spam. 

Building links from a brand new domain that has no authority will not have any effect on organic search rankings, and it will not be valuable from an SEO standpoint, either, because why would you pay for a backlink on a website that has no authority? Building links from an older domain will have some effect on organic search rankings

PBN owners will be required to purchase domains that have a high level of domain authority, and they will also need to ensure that their link profiles and trust scores are spotless. This indicates that the domains cannot have any links that could be considered spam pointing back to them.

Since the owner of the PBN has now acquired the high-authority domains, it is necessary for them to initiate the process of building blogs on each of the domains to attract audience and make some money 

Are PBNs Black Hat SEO?

Black hat search engine optimization involves going against the rules that are established by search engines and manipulating those rules to achieve higher rankings. It may result in a reduced position in the search results or even in the total removal of the result altogether. It may result in a reduced position in the search results or even in the total removal of the result altogether, it involves using the links of multiple sites 

Creating high-quality content and providing a positive experience for users is at the heart of White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a more moral approach to optimizing websites.

PBNs violate google rules and use the black hat tactic so it is considered Black Hat SEO 

The problem with this is that if you establish a website utilizing private blog networks (PBNs), you run the constant danger of receiving a penalty from Google. You should anticipate an improvement in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for your keyword within a short amount of time Even if you see a temporary increase in rankings or earnings as a result of this, those things could be taken away at any point. It is better to build genuine websites with relevant keywords 

You are able to keep your backlinks in a single location with the help of HyperChecker, especially if they are hidden from Ahrefs, Semrush or any other bots. The tool allows you to upload and check tier links. Setting up your backlinks to be automatically checked once per day, once per week, or once per month. 

The Hyperchecker examines the response code in addition to the anchor text, the Google indexing, and other data.


Getting backlinks from a PBN is a very controversial subject. Even with everything, there will be people who use PBNs to boost their link profile. But, as we’ve already talked about, there are a lot of risks involved when you use PBN backlinks to boost your website’s rankings through SEO. Use sustainable, White Hat SEO link-building methods instead to grow the online success of your website.

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