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Retail Rebel Review: An Overall Review

by Team Techager
Retail Rebel Review An Overall Review

Retail Rebel is one of the best wholesale liquidation companies in Kansas. They are a great place where you can buy high-quality items at a very low price. In addition to that, they also hold some great auctions where you can get some very rare items at the best prices possible. 

They have been operating for many years now and have experience in this field. Therefore, they will give you an amazing experience while shopping. They have some amazing retail items that you can buy at double the discount that you would get in the original story. 

Moreover, they also have to have a white catalogue of products to choose from. Hence, anything that you wish to buy, you can find it here. They also have auction items available so that you can get the best liquidation pallets at the best price possible. 

They are the best liquidation store to buy liquidation pallets from as their pallets are highly affordable and easy to examine. The way that they present their items makes it very easy for you to go through them smoothly. 

Moreover, they go through all of the products carefully before putting them out for sale. Therefore, any damaged products or severely unsuitable items will not be sold to you in any condition. 

They also keep all of their items along with their store under great conditions at all times to have a well-maintained and organised environment. If you wish to buy from retail rebel and want to know more about them, keep reading the article:

  • Locations: 

Retail rebels are available at different locations in the city of Kansas. We have listed all of them below:

  1. Belton
  2. Claycomo
  3. KCK
  4. Olathe
  5. North KC

They also have a few branches available in Iowa. We have listed them below:

  1. Council bluffs
  2. Audubon
  • Timings:

Retail rebel functions throughout the week from Monday to Sunday. They are open from 11 

AM to 7 PM every day from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, they function from 9 AM to 7 PM. In addition to that, on Saturdays, they also restock a lot of items from 9 AM to 12 PM. Similarly, on Sundays, they function from 11 AM to 7 PM. They restock items on Sundays starting from 11 AM onwards.

  • Auctions:

Retail rebel is more just a simple retail company. They have some of the best auctions that you will find anywhere in Kansas. In addition to that, all of their auctions are safe for all of their participants. 

They have a guide on their website that can help you to figure out how to participate in their auctions. This makes them highly customer friendly. Just like this, they will guide you with all other processes to make your auction experience with them as easy as possible. 

You can also bid and participate in their auctions online if you don’t wish to physically go there. When you have your auction, you can pick up your items from their stores every Friday from 7 am to 5 pm. 

However, if you wish to physically participate in their auctions, they usually conduct them on Thursdays from 11 AM to 8 PM. Their physical options are very well organised and trustworthy. 

All their past customers have left amazing reviews about them and therefore, you can trust them to not scam you in any manner.In addition to that, they also try to keep your information as safe as possible. 

Therefore, they will not disclose any of your private information to the public at any point of the auction. During their auctions, you can get all types of items from commercial to retail items. If you wish to find directions to their auctions, you can check them out on their website. 

  • Store:

Aside from their auctions, they also have a wonderful liquidation store that will give you an amazing shopping experience. They have all types of liquidation pallets along with some great items that you can buy. 

Almost all of their products have some amazing discounts and deals on them. Moreover, they make sure to offer further discounts during festive occasions and sales. They have warehouse bins along with bargain bins available so that you can buy items at your desired price. 

Retail Rebel has almost everything that you may need from apparel to home decor, tech, furniture, electronics and many other such products. They also have special discounts for members. Furthermore, they restock their inventory every weekend. Therefore, you will always find new items when you go to their store. 

In this way, you can keep up with all of the latest trends and buy them at the best prices possible. Although they have large discounts on their products, this does not bring down the quality of the products in any way. They keep their products as well maintained and high-quality as possible no matter what the sale is. 

In this way, they will not cheat any of their customers and provide them with true products. This shows how passionate they are about their business. They also have some great staff who will help you around the store and assist you in finding items that you specifically require.


This is all the information that we had about Retail Rebel. From the above information, we can see that they are a great and trustworthy liquidation store from where you can buy discounted items of high quality. We hope that this article could help you gain more insight into the functioning of Retail Rebel and persuade you to shop from there.

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