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Sell Perfect Money to Visa and MasterCard card

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Sell Perfect Money to Visa and MasterCard card

Electronic money of the Perfect Money payment system is quite a functional financial instrument. They can be translated into square faces, how to buy various goods or services, and use them to replenish accounts in various services. But still, whatever it is, the electronic currency will in any case be inferior in functionality to the fiat counterpart. Therefore, owners of private wallets often set separate income units, for example, Visa/MasterCard bank cards. Indeed, such a decision turns out to be quite justified. Therefore, it remains only to figure out how to carry out the approximation.

Transfer of funds through electronic exchangers

Cooperation with electronic exchangers is a more justified solution. With the help of monitoring of Exchanges one of these services www.bestchange.com, you can easily transfer dollars from your Perfect Money account by crediting to a VISA or MasterCard card. The advantages of choosing should include the following points:

  • not all exchanges require users to pass verification. Therefore, if you do not want to provide copies of personal documents, you cannot do this by choosing a service provider offering the exchange on the most loyal terms;
  • transfer fees are quite reasonable. Often they are already included in the conversion rate, so you can easily calculate how much you will pay for a transaction;
  • you have the opportunity to choose the conversion rate that suits you, and not agree with the conditions offered by the bank;
  • the money will go to the bank card within 10-15 minutes. Transfers are carried out very quickly, delays are extremely rare.

As you can see, working with exchangers is really convenient, simple, and profitable. It remains only to decide on a suitable service provider.

Where to look for good deals?

It is better not to try to look for an exchanger through which the transfer will be made on your own. Moreover, there are already ready-made rating tables of exchange services, working with which is not only profitable but also safe. You can find such a collection of sites on a specialized portal that monitors well-known exchangers. There are a lot of offers here. And your task is to choose the best.

At first glance, the task may seem rather difficult. Indeed, there are a lot of exchanges, and the conditions of transactions in each case are different. But if you carefully study the contents of the page like this, you can see that all offers for selling Perfect Money to Visa and MasterCard cards are distributed according to the rate benefit. Therefore, you will consider only the top positions. You will need to compare them according to the criteria that are important to you:

  • the need for verification;
  • the amount of the commission;
  • restrictions on transaction amounts;
  • the amount of the reserve.

Also, pay attention to the method of exchange. Semi-automatic is much more convenient than manual.

Making the deal itself is not difficult. You just need to fill out a standard application form on the website of the exchanger you like, and then just follow the instructions.

There are other cases of replenishing Perfect Money, and alternatives, you should also know about. For example:

  • replenishment through the terminal in cash (for this purpose, an RM application is formed on the site earlier, after it is processed, an invoice is issued, and its number begins in the terminal along with the replenishment amount);
  • bank transfer (filled in with the required application, it defines in detail the details of the sending bank and information about the recipient, after which you have to send money from the Internet bank or by visiting a branch, the minimum amount is $ 300, the waiting period is 5 days);
  • electronic voucher (if there is one, that is, a voucher, it may contain the number of your own voucher and an activation code).

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