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Smartphones from the Vivo S line

by Team Techager
Smartphones from the Vivo S line

The first completely smartphone

Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd. is a Chinese conglomerate that is one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers. The Vivo X1 smartphone was announced by the firm in 2012. Expansion into global markets began in 2014, with Vivo beginning to work in India and Southeast Asian nations. Vivo became an official FIFA sponsor in 2017 in order to become the official smartphone brand of the FIFA World Cups in 2018 and 2022. In addition, the corporation has inked a deal with UEFA to be an official partner of Euro 2020 and UEFA Euro 2024.

S-Series Vivo

The Vivo S series, which will be Vivo’s latest product in 2020, is more aimed at the youthful generation, who are fashionable, energetic, and dynamic, and who always follow the current trend of the latest innovations. When it comes to pricing, the S series is more expensive than the Y series. Although the price is relatively high, buyers will not be dissatisfied because the Vivo S series devices will offer premium features, i.e. advanced technology. Beginning with quad camera technology, Super AMOLED panel screen and a slew of additional features, that will delight customers. The Vivo S1, Vivo S1 Pro, and Vivo S5 have Super AMOLED panel panels, while the remainder use AMOLED type screens. There is no doubt regarding the main camera; the lens configuration integrated in the S series is extensive, with options ranging from 16 MP to 32 MP, 44 MP to 48 MP, and 64 MP.

So far, the vivo S7 5G, vivo S7e 5G, and vivo S7t 5G are S series smartphones with very high lens resolution, and the resulting photographs should be crisp and clear. However, because to the exceptional configuration, it will normally take up more storage space with astounding outcomes. To address this, the average device in the S series line offers a large combination of RAM and internal storage space, starting with 4 GB, 6 GB, and 8 GB for RAM and 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB for storage space. internally. In terms of operating system, the most recent smartphone in this series is the vivo S7t 5G, which runs Android 11.

Meanwhile, the battery capacity of the vivo S1, vivo S1 Prime, vivo S1 Pro, and vivo S6 5G remains at 4500 mAh. If you want to wrap one of the S series gadgets, plan on spending between Rp. 2.3 and Rp. 6.1 million.

The Best Low-Cost Vivo Smartphones

Models with a price tag of up to 15,000 rubles are constructed in Vivo’s first category. To be honest, this firm does have a lot of innovative items in the affordable sector. Models are characterised not only by technological specifications, but also by fashionable design. In general, the corporation provides limited memory-size variants, but there are several aesthetic options.

Vivo’s current product lines for 2021

Vivo smartphones are divided into three categories:

X – belongs to the premium category of devices, with a comprehensive range of features. These cellphones are exorbitantly priced.

Y – This smartphone brand offers characteristics that are especially developed for low-cost electronics. The price has dropped, and as a result, the gadgets are more affordable.

V – devices aimed at the middle class, with a large number of functions and a low price.

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