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Steps to Create a Promotional Video for Online Course 

by Team Techager
Steps to Create a Promotional Video for Online Course 

Today, in this advanced and modern world, our education system has evolved a lot. The growth in technology has led to the era of online education. With the better flexibility, convenience, and comfort provided, several online courses have been launched every single day. To sell the online educational courses effectively, stand out from the crowd and win the competitive race, proper promotion is important. To do so, making an educational promotional video is necessary. 

An educational promotional video is a video that markets, and displays the products and services of your online course. For communication, making a connection, and effective interaction with the target audience and the customers, a promotional video is very helpful. To stand out from the crowd, display your product in the best ways, and for brand building, these promotional videos are beneficial for all business sectors.  Let us discuss the complete procedure of how to make a promotional video. 

Steps to make an online course promotional video 

Step 1 Plan well 

To make a promotional video, the first step is proper planning. If a video is created without any plan of action, it may lack the key elements, or have a poor quality which later won’t work to win the competitive race and sell online courses. Therefore, the first important step is proper planning. Research well, see what is in the trend, and demand, and have a look at the content of your competitors. Online course selling can only be successful by proper planning and preparation well in advance. 

Step 2: Making and recording process 

After planning, step to action and start the work. Now, this step includes making and recording the video. This is the most important step. Better the quality of the video, the more informative it is, and the more successful the online course will be. 

The right equipment: the promotional video should be impressive, eye-catching, and effective. To do so, you must make sure that the quality of the video is high and great. The poor-quality videos are not attractive to see and hear too. This won’t help to get the attention of a larger audience. 

So make sure that you don’t compromise with the video quality and audio quality too. If you don’t have a good quality camera, no need to worry. You can hire a cameraman. Today there are several photography stores in the town that can be hired. According to your budget, go for the suitable one. Arrange the necessary audio recording tool too. 

A proper place: to make an effective promotional video, deciding on a proper place is very important. Go for a place that has the right lighting. For example, if you have to make a promotional video on fitness, shooting the video from a proper gym or a fitness studio is advisable. Make sure that the area selected is free of environmental disturbances so that audio can be made effectively. 

Step 3: Promotion

After making a promotional video, comes advertisement and marketing. To promote it effectively, let us discuss a few important steps that online course creators can follow.  

Influencer collaboration: for making your promotional course video reach the target audience, collaboration with social media influencers is very beneficial. Today social media is serving us with a high employment rate. So go for social media influencer collaboration. Show your promotional video to the influencer, and discuss the process of uploading it on their accounts. Write informative captions, with the link to the website and purchase. Make sure to promote the video on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. 

YouTube channel: YouTube is a widely used social media application all across the globe. To make your promotional video reach a larger group of audience, making a youtube channel is beneficial. You can also collaborate with YouTube content creators and get your video promoted on their channel. The more the video will be watched, the better will be the course selling process and marketing. 


For effective online course selling, following the right professional and promotional ways are important. By following the above-mentioned three-step process, educators can make an effective promotional video for their online courses. This will help to promote their products, and academic services to the learners effectively and get a successful enrollment rate.  

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