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The Benefits of Valet Parking Software and Solutions for Businesses

by Team Techager
The Benefits of Valet Parking Software and Solutions for Businesses

If you have a valet parking business, there are many benefits to using valet parking software & solutions for businesses. You can use a product such as CVPS, which is a set of mobile and desktop tools that allow you to improve customer service, reduce labor, increase revenue, and avoid unfounded damage claims. You get several popular features, including ticketless valet, PCI-compliant credit card processing, photo-based vehicle damage inspection, and integrations with external software. Any business that offers valet parking will benefit from using this type of software. 

How It Improves Your Process for Vehicle Arrivals and Retrievals

Using valet parking software has a positive and direct impact on your processes surrounding vehicle arrivals and departures. First of all, your customers report greater satisfaction with ticketless valet and the simplicity of the retrieval process. You will see your revenue increase, and your labor costs will be lower. In addition, you won’t have the same exposure to fraudulent damage claims. The reason for this is that this type of valet parking solution documents and records every step in the valet parking process from the guests’ arrival to their departures. 

In addition, guests can easily pay for parking from their mobile devices, or you can integrate parking charges with other platforms to charge guest accounts. You will be able to generate reports that help you improve your customer service, and many other features improve the valet parking experience that you offer. 

Convenient Mobile Valet Parking Management

Your business benefits from using valet parking software solutions because you can conveniently manage your operation from your desktop or mobile device. You will be able to check in on your customers to make sure that their needs are being met, and you can track your valet attendants. Being able to monitor vehicle request times allows you to make sure that your attendants have the information they need to deliver customer vehicles on time. No matter where you or your customers are, you can manage your valet parking and make sure that you are providing the best possible customer service. 

Protection From Fraudulent Damage Claims

Every valet business has experienced a customer who claims that their vehicle was damaged when, in fact, the vehicle already had the damage upon arrival. You can eliminate this issue because the software allows you to document the vehicle’s condition upon arrival. The photos are stamped with the time, date, and location, and you can even set up a vehicle inspection lane for customers on their way in. If you have a customer who claims that their vehicle was damaged while in your care, you can check the photos to find out right away. This simplifies these situations, and it prevents many would-be false damage claims. 

Your Valet Parking Technology in Local or Cloud Configurations

Although your customers are likely to use their mobile devices for ticketless valet, you may want your system on a desktop device. You can use local or cloud configurations, which makes it available for any infrastructure. The technology is accessible, and they have many different features to enhance and improve your experience. In addition, they are constantly adding new features to further benefit your business. Your information is broken down in a simple format, where it is easy to find the information you need.

Offer Customer Request Kiosks

You can make the valet experience even better for your customers by offering customer request kiosks. These kiosks can be floor models, or you can install them on a wall or a desktop. Customers can scan bar-coded validations, insert membership cards, pay with cash, or use their credit cards. In addition, they can go to the kiosk for updated information about their vehicle statuses. This frees up your attendants to park and retrieve vehicles while your customers access the information they need from the kiosk. 

Offer Customers a Completely Contactless Experience

Customers appreciate a contactless experience for a variety of reasons. It is easier, more convenient, and safer for them and your employees. When your customers arrive, they can have their valet claim sent to them via SMS. They can request their vehicles by responding to the message, paying for it, and including a gratuity if they wish. It supports validations, and it masks customer phone numbers to protect their privacy. You can collect convenience fees when customers use this pay-by-phone feature. In addition, you won’t have lost claim checks, and your customers will be happy that they don’t have to keep track of a paper ticket. Not only does this feature improve the valet experience for your customers, but it makes it easier for your attendants. You can keep track of every vehicle and customer request. 

Valet Software Integrates With Other Systems

If you run your valet business as part of another establishment, you can easily integrate the software into your existing systems. This improves the experience for customers because they can sign up for valet when they make reservations. It drives your revenue opportunities and further enhances your contactless environment. You will have more information about arrival and departure times. 

If you have services that offer validations, you can incorporate stand-alone validators or web-based validators. They are easy to use and compatible with barcodes and QR codes. Standalone validators come in different models, and web-based validations can be based on the web or through an app for iOS or Android. You can set the parameters through your valet parking software and customize the permissions. 

Last Remarks

When you are running a valet business, it is important to improve the customer experience so that you can increase your revenue. You can use CVPS valet parking software to simplify the entire experience for your attendants and your customers. When you use this software, you get a record of everything that happens to a vehicle from arrival through departure. Your customers get a contactless experience. Your attendants can focus on providing swift and excellent customer service, and you can monitor the entire operation through this software. 

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