Tips For Adopting Cats and How Cbd Oil Can Be of Help to Them

Tips For Adopting Cats and How Cbd Oil Can Be of Help to Them

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If you love cats, at some point in your lives you will have to fight the urges of adopting one for yourself. Some people, however, are lucky enough to be in a position where adopting a cat is not that big of a deal. That being said, taking care of a kitten still englobes many challenges, and for those who are not aware of said challenges, things will be a lot harder than they should be.

Fortunately, we are here for you to provide you with some of the most important things you should absolutely consider when it comes to adopting a kitty, and what are some of the most essential supplies you should have at your disposal before you decide to adopt one.

We will also talk about one particular thing that might come in handy if you decide to adopt a feline: CBD oil, since it can be very useful during the first interactions with your cat and the whole moving process, even more if you decide to adopt an older one. If you end up being interested in CBD oil, you can always check out this cbd oil for cats cheap price list and check out other choices as well.

But before we get into more details about CBD, let’s discuss the thing that people tend to ignore the most about the whole process of adopting a cat: Not all of them are the same!

Breed, Age, Occurrences and Personality Does Matter!

Before adopting a kitty, or in fact, any animal, you should definitely take some time to research more about them. Believe it or not, factors like its breed, age, its past occurrences, and its type of personality, does matter a lot, since they will pretty much decide your coexistence with it.

Breed, to some level, can influence various aspects of an animal and the way you will interact with it. For example, the breed of a cat can play a very important role deciding features like:

  • Its size and weight
  • Its coat
  • Its personality
  • The amount of food and exercise it will need
  • Whether it will get along with other animals and people
  • And the level of maintenance required to keep it healthy.

Thus, the breed can play an important part in deciding whether it will be sociable and affectionate, or asocial and reserved. It can also decide how much grooming and baths it will need, and some special needs it might require.

We have, for Example…

The Sphinx cat! This particular breed is often considered as just a “hairless” cat, but as mentioned over here, it is a lot more than just that, since it is one of the high-maintenance breeds out there.

The Munchkin is another good example. This particular breed is known for being very small and having short legs. The way you take care of it is very similar to many other breeds, but because of their short legs, they tend to injure themselves trying to reach higher places, thus, owners are recommended to add some bridges and jumping spots so they can move around without injuring themselves while trying to play or explore the house.

Other Things to Consider

Age is another big factor when it comes to adopting a cat, since older cats are much more prompt to suffer from certain conditions and diseases that reduce their mobility or cause them a lot of pain. Joint pain, for instance, is very common in older cats!

Adopted cats are algo very likely to suffer from stress or anxiety-related afflictions, such as separation anxiety, making it very difficult for owners to deal with them during the first couple of months.

But here’s where CBD oil enters the play!

The Uses of Cannabidiol Oil for Cats

The Uses of Cannabidiol Oil for Cats

Both animals and humans have something known as the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, as mentioned over The ECS is a complex amalgamation of neurotransmitters that handles, directly or indirectly, multiple physiological functions of the body.

And CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is capable of influencing these neurotransmitters in a very positive way. For instance, it is capable of reducing inflammation and alleviating the pain that is caused by joint deterioration, which, as mentioned earlier, is a very common affliction in older cats.

Because of its relaxing effects, CBD-based oil can be an incredibly efficient way to handle cats that suffer from anxiety and stress as well, and mind you, these are two common problems found in adopted cats, since they tend to suffer from a lot of stress when they are adopted. It also makes training a lot easier for cats that suffer from separation anxiety!

Remember to Prepare Yourself, Though

However, no matter how much cannabidiol oil you use, if you don’t prepare yourself for the experience, giving your cat a healthy, happy life will be a lot harder. For that reason, getting your hands on all the necessary supplies for your cat is vital for the whole experience!

The most important things you should purchase to take care of your cat, are:

  • Food and water bowls, carefully placed far away from their litter box
  • A litter box and litter, to train your cat where to take care of its necessities
  • Toys to bond with your cat and keep it physically active
  • A kennel to take your cat to the vet
  • A scratching spot to avoid your cat from destroying your furniture
  • Enough dry and wet food, alternating them between the two from time to time
  • A collar and a lease in case you want to take your cat for a walk.

Cats are often very independent animals, but they need a certain level of socialization to remain happy, and they also need attention as well. If you are someone who is always outside your house, you might want to consider getting another cat to help your cat cope with the loneliness, and believe it or not, having two cats is not as expensive as people tend to believe!

Just make sure you are there for your cat, play with them to exercise them daily at least for 10 to 20 minutes, and pay attention to their weight to see if their diet requires changes. If you have any doubts, always take your time to research!

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