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Use iPhone as webcam

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Use iPhone as webcam

In today’s virtual environment, we’ve become so used to seeing and expecting high-quality videos. And you don’t want to be the only person with a pixelated image on a zoom call or an online class.

The clarity of your camera makes a difference in how others perceive you – that’s why it’s often wise to invest in a webcam. But this can be incredibly expensive. Leading us to the next best thing – your iPhone camera. 

Fortunately, you can turn your iPhone into a webcam and access both the front and the rear cameras for a diversified experience. Plus, you can save any recordings you create on the phone directly to your phone. 

So, how do I turn my iPhone into a webcam? 

Continuity Camera 

Apple likes to keep all its devices capable of connecting without interrupting the user experience. It recently added its continuity camera feature to integrate your iPhone and MacBook’s cameras. 

The continuity camera allows you to switch calls between your phone and laptop without needing to hang up first. The Continuity Camera also offers features that allow you to use iPhone as webcam once you have installed the macOS Ventura on your MacBook and iOS 16 on your iPhone. 

The continuity camera doesn’t have to connect your iPhone to your MacBook using a USB. 

To set up the Continuity Camera:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for Mac and iPhone (the Continuity Feature works through a wireless connection). 
  • Keep your iPhone nearby.
  • Open your video calling software and select your iPhone as the camera source. 

Some features may be limited to different iPhone users depending on which iPhone version you have, as follows:

  • Studio lights are available on iPhone 12 or newer models 
  • Center Stage and Desk View are available on iPhone 11 and newer models 
  • You need at least an iPhone XR or older to use the basic features of the Continuity Camera 

Webcam Software

Webcam apps are another handy tool to help you use your iPhone as webcam. These apps require that you download a desktop and mobile version on your laptop and phone, respectively. 

The two apps will connect, allowing you to use your iPhone as a webcam for applications ranging from video conferencing, streaming, and video recording. Most apps allow you to use the front and rear cameras simultaneously. 

When using webcam software, you want to invest in an affordable tripod to give you a hands-free experience as you use the phone.

To get started using a webcam app:

  • Identify the best webcam app that works with your iPhone’s iOS version. 
  • Download the app onto your phone.
  • Download the desktop version of the app and install the related drivers
  • Connect the app on both your iPhone and laptop. Allow permissions to access your phone’s camera
  • Check the connection between your iPhone and desktop to ensure it’s working well (it should stream everything coming through your phone’s video feed.)

An advantage of using webcam apps to turn your iPhone into a webcam is their flexibility. You can use these apps to connect a PC and an iPhone using a USB and get the same experience as when using a Mac and iPhone.  

Use Your Front Camera

While the iPhone’s front camera is not as crisp as the rear cameras, it still offers a better picture quality than most MacBook models, especially older ones. 

You can simply use your front camera to connect with clients, friends and family instead of turning on your laptop. 

Most video conferencing tools have mobile app versions that offer the same experience as their desktop counterparts. 


External webcams can be an extra expense, considering you carry one of the best cameras in your back pocket. Your iPhone can double up as a webcam using Apple’s Continuity Camera features or dedicated webcam apps. 

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