User Guide for Trading Platform

User Guide for Trading Platform


The Trading Platform serves as the investor’s working tool, giving all of the tools required for effective online trading. Investing, price analytical and fundamental research, automatic trading, and investing from smartphones are all part of it. In addition to Forex indicators, the website allows you to trade options, commodities, and equities when you download MetaTrader 5.


The software has a comprehensive collection of trading tools. It has four order processing modes: immediate, demand, marketplace, and exchange. The software supports all forms of orders, including marketplace, pending, and halt orders. With such a wide range of order types as well as execution options, traders may employ a variety of trading methods to achieve success in the foreign exchange markets and stock markets. The interface also includes One-Click Investing and tools for trading directly from the graph.


This platform has extensive analytical tools. For studying currencies and stock markets, 82 various analysis tools are offered, including technical analysis and graphical charts. This trading platform’s analysis resources are not restricted to the developed indicators. The trader may make use of the open Source Code of technical analysis and the Marketplace of trading programmes. Every financial product has 21 periods ranging from a moment to a month. Up to 100 financial product charts can be active at the same time.

Trading Algorithms

Almost any trading technique may be defined and applied in the format of an Investment Adviser, which can invest for you autonomously. A trading bot doesn’t ever get weary or stressed; it performs its algorithm precisely and is considerably more sensitive to market movements. The trading platform includes all of the resources needed for Professional Advisor creation, including the strong MQL5 language as well as a unified programming environment, a multiple currency tester for analysing and optimising strategies, and the Source Code of trading bots.

Mobile Buying and Selling

If you are away from your desktop, tablets and smartphones are vital for trading. To participate in the financial markets on the move, use customised trading platform applications on your android and iPhone smartphones. You will undoubtedly like the flexibility of portable trading platforms, which feature complete support for trading tasks as well as wide analytical capabilities, including technical analysis and other graphical elements. Of course, each of these capabilities is accessible 24 hours a day just about anywhere in the globe. Use the mobile operating system to read economic news and internal correspondence, as well as to communicate with members among the most popular trading community,

Additional Services

This platform offers strong trading capabilities as well as several extra services. The Indicators service allows for social trading. This is a simple approach to replicate the trades of professional traders. Download meta trader 5 to choose among thousands of indicators subscribe in a few clicks, and the bargains from the selected source will be instantly transferred to your account.

Web Trading benefits using MetaTrader 5

  • Forex, equities, and derivatives trading may be done from any online browser.
  • The online platform does not require any special software or search engine plugins to function.
  • Suitability with the operating systems Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Accurate data security
  • Situation accounting methods for netting and offsetting
  • MetaTrader 5 trading orders in their entirety, including ongoing and stop-orders.
  • Trading activities of all kinds
  • Yet another Trading and Superior Market Depth
  • There are three chart kinds and nine timeframes
  • For fundamental indicators, there are 30 signals and 24 visual representations.
  • Marketplace Watch provides real-time pricing.


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