What Does a Motorcycle GPS Tracker Look Like - And More!

What Does a Motorcycle GPS Tracker Look Like? – And More!


A GPS Tracker is a device used to track the location of a vehicle. These devices use a network of 24 satellites in orbit and devices on the ground to determine a person’s exact location. They collect three kinds of data that provide pinpoint accuracy, and are updated every 15 seconds. The system was first developed for military purposes in the 1960s, and became available to the public in 1983. Today, it is used everywhere from precision military maneuvers in foreign countries to neighborhood mobile games. But actually what does a motorcycle GPS tracker look like?

What Does a GPS Tracker Look Like?

A GPS tracker is a small, black, box that stores GPS data about a vehicle. It’ll be as little as 3 to 4 inches in length, 2 inches in width, and 1 inch or so in width. Most tracking devices are battery operated or work with an antenna. One side will be magnetic, while the other will be non-magnetic. The device, as a result, is  usually kept away from your vehicle’s electronic components, such as a speaker upgrade.

You can spot these devices by pulling on them and pulling on the wires attached to them. If they do not fit in any of these places, you should suspect that they are GPS trackers. If you see a black box with a red ring or other kind of external wires attached to it, you should contact the manufacturer.

Most GPS trackers are placed inside a small box that is located inside a vehicle. They are non-magnetic and are usually waterproof. When you’re looking for a GPS tracker, you should look for a small black box that’s attached to your automobile. The box is usually mounted in a convenient place, such as under the dashboard or hidden under the seat. Some trackers are active and provide real-time positioning. Passive trackers just store GPS data and don’t have an antenna.

GPS trackers come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose the one that best fits your style or needs. If you don’t care about the appearance of your motorcycle GPS tracker, you can opt for an invisible one. You can get a hidden one with a flashlight. Those that aren’t too visible will be a good choice for your vehicle. The best GPS trackers are unobtrusive and will never draw attention to themselves.

Where to Find the GPS Tracker on a Motorcycle?

If you know where to hide a tracker on your bike, then you know where to find it from! Let’s know those places.

There are many possible places to hide a GPS tracker on a motorcycle, but most of them require a clean, clear line of sight to the sky. To avoid being detected, a tracker should be mounted on the dashboard or a rear shelf, where it’s out of the way. The location of the GPS tracker on a motorcycle should be offset from other location-based devices, such as a cell phone.

Other places to conceal a GPS tracker on a motorcycle include the gas tank, the battery poles, the trunk, and the interior of the dash. Ideally, it should be hidden from view and out of the way. If you’d prefer to be more subtle, you can install the tracker inside the pillion seat, preferably on its back. But be careful because the device can become hot, so it’s best to install it somewhere that’s not easily discovered. Alternatively, you can cover the tracker with the pillion seat foam, which should be sealed in.

Regardless of where you choose to hide your GPS tracker on your motorcycle, you’ll want to make it as hard to detect as possible. If you want to make your GPS tracker as inconspicuous as possible, you can install it under your gas tank. But beware: installing a tracker under your gas tank is not a good idea, as it can get extremely hot and cause damage to the device. If you want to hide the GPS tracker in the trunk, you can place it inside the e-bike. If you don’t like the look of it, you can put it in the pillion seat. However, you need to be sure that the pillion seat is not a ‘hideable’ space.

Types of GPS Tracker

There are different types of GPS trackers. Some are small and easy to wear while others are larger and work through cellular networks. There are GPS navigation and tracker units as well as cell phone-size devices that also have a screen. Most of these devices work through Bluetooth connections. They use satellite signals to report their location to a central database. A GPS tracking unit can help you find your vehicle, child or loved one even if they aren’t near a cell phone.

How Much is a GPS Tracker for Motorcycle?

A GPS tracker can be expensive depending on how many devices it has and how often it updates the location of a vehicle. Some providers offer discounts if multiple devices are registered with them. For the device, you may spend between $50 to $250. The monthly fee also depends on the company you choose. You can find top-notch features for less than $100 per month with some prominent manufacturers. However, be sure to read customer reviews before making a final decision. The manufacturer of the device can affect the price, so consider this when choosing a GPS tracking device.

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