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What is NEMT routing software?

by Team Techager
What is NEMT routing software

Routing is a complex process of selecting a suitable vehicle for a transportation request. NEMT companies deal with niche orders and handle fleets with diverse vehicle collections. Hence, optimization of routes often presents a challenge. When done manually, this process takes ages, and the chances of human error are high. 

For a NEMT company, it is important to take the following things into account when planning the route:

  • Client’s needs
  • Type of vehicle
  • Type of destination

The client sees the trip as getting from point A to B. Meanwhile, the transportation provider has to think of the possibility of multiloading, the terrain and type of vehicle assigned, the safety of the trips, and more. It is safe to say that routing a non-emergency trip request is more sophisticated than a regular taxi ride. 

The burden of routing in the NEMT industry is particularly complicated because the types of orders vary, and multi-load might look impossible at a first glance. NEMT software solves this issue with ease. Automating order collection, and allowing live updates and changes enables real-time modifications of routes. It results in saved costs and fewer vehicles on the move. Regardless of the fleet size, it is not the best idea to assign trips to all units at the same time since it causes an increase in maintenance and energy consumption. To prevent overheads, and distribute the workload in the most optimized way, companies implement software. 

How does NEMT software work?

Routing is one of the multiple functions that a smart software solution can offer. It is usually a system that does routing, dispatching, scheduling, billing, and more. Some of the advantages a company gets with software include better schedules, improved customer service, and billing transparency. Yet, it does not end with that. 

Decrease planning time

The time of processing a trip request is decreased to seconds. The tools for routing and scheduling allow instant analysis of the order criteria and assigning of the optimal vehicle option.  

Decrease planning time

Save on fuel costs

The more units are on the move, the higher are utility costs. Fleet maintenance becomes more frequent and harder to plan. And, as a rule, the fuel prices eat into the budget dramatically. The automated routing procedure allows more accurate vehicle selection with energy efficiency in mind. The software is a proven solution for reducing the fuel bill since it uses the fleet capacity at the lowest price possible.  

Make informed business decisions

The data used and produced as a result of routing serves as an actionable insight for planning the future strategy. It lets you see what vehicles are used more often and are cheaper in use.

Make informed business decisions


Adding a competitive advantage to your business does not necessarily require a costly solution. Getting more vehicles, and more clients won’t guarantee the generation of higher profitability. The business works when it’s managed with the maximum automation and optimization of routine processes. Routing is one of the key factors that contribute to an increase in operational costs if not handled with attention. With software, like routegenie.com, you get to benefit from the optimized routes and fewer vehicles on the move simultaneously. Technological solutions replace multiple manual operations and fix inefficiencies of transportation-related businesses. Hence, it is a matter of time before they become a must-have for every reputable company on the market.

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