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What is RISE with SAP?

by Team Techager
What is RISE with SAP

Since its inception, SAP has been evolving quite eminently. And thanks to that, the company has launched a brand-new go-to-market offering recently.

It’s known as RISE with SAP.

It, in essence, is a subscription-based service, which comes with a wide array of services and products. And, its aim? Well, RISE with SAP focuses on –

  • Standardizing the best intelligent suite for driving process scaling and efficacy.
  • Modernizing the best possible cloud infrastructure to lower your organizational TCO.
  • Digitizing an ideal transformation platform to innovate quicker than your competitors.

Each of these steps related to business transformation is meticulously supported by the RISE with SAP package. This, in turn, will allow you to enrich, integrate, and extend live data from S/4HANA and enhance your decision-making capability.

RISE with SAP: The Objectives

The core objective of RISE with SAP is quite simple – to help a company reach such a height that they never could before. Here’s what it can offer in that sense –

  • Grow your organizational revenue by creating a differentiating business model.
  • Boost the core margin with various in-built industry-specific practices and processes.
  • Manage and maintain sustainability with company-wide control and transparency.
  • Unlock new business opportunities by integrating automation and machine learning.

Apart from these, RISE with SAP also focuses on optimizing and streamlining your business procedures as a whole. It, in turn, can make your organization highly effective in the market and edge past your competitors like they weren’t even there.

Core Components Of RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP comes with five different core components that can help you build or curate a business from scratch. Please keep reading to know more about it.

Component – 1: Business Process Intelligence.

The BPI or Business Process Intelligence of SAP can understand your business model pretty quickly. And hence, it can improve, transform, or repair the same as needed. Furthermore, it can also do the following to enhance your organizational performance –

  • It can assess the available information of your business accordingly and automatically identify the portions that are not performing well. So, if you want, you can use AI and machine learning to automate these processes and increase your overall efficacy.
  • With it, you can also simulate a specific scenario to point out various situations where you need to improve. Hence, you can either increase your workforce to tackle such obstruction or opt for automation, just like we said before.
  • Business Process Intelligence can also introduce a brand new, enhanced management method to improve your productivity even more. Besides that, you can curate a proper workflow chart and implement a unique business organization function too.

Finally, it’ll also be possible for you to set up a benchmark to perform a comparative evaluation of your organization. As a result, it’ll be easier for you to discover better routes to boost your business performance even more and ensure seamless functioning.

Component – 2: Cloud ERP System.

The core offering of RISE with SAP is the coveted SAP S/4HANA Cloud system. However, before we get too much into it, let us tell you what the product actually is.

So, S/4HANA, in essence, is a comprehensive ERP with an in-built machine learning system, AI, and advanced analytics. Hence, it can assist a business in adopting a brand new business model, leveraging the predictive power of AI, and much more.

Additionally, the cloud program supports both a public and a private deployment. Therefore, it’ll offer quite a lot of flexibility for your organization and improve its efficacy even more.

Component – 3: Technical Migration Services.

The technical migration section of RISE with SAP comprises various services and tools from SAP to offer a smooth transformation of your business.

Apart from this, it can also help you with the identification of a custom code, which is needed during the migration procedure. Visit the official website of SAP to know more about it.

Component – 4: SAP BTP Or Business Technology Platform.

With the Business Technology Platform of SAP, you’ll be able to create, integrate, as well as extend your business applications to some extent. And, the whole procedure can be done with various efficient technologies, like –

  • Data and Database Management (to control the data flow of your company and keep a hold of them for later usage).
  • Analytics (to evaluate your consumer base’s usual behavior and track them to profuse a better marketing persona in the future).
  • Intelligent Technologies (to use AI and machine learning to understand the usual consumer behavior and automate repetitive tasks).
  • Application Development and Integration (to create and integrate brand new apps and technologies in your business infrastructure and improve their efficacy).

All in all, the core focus of SAP BTP will be to improve your organizational productivity and efficiency through agility and business-related services.

Component – 5: SAP Business Network Starter Pack.

Integrating the Business Network Starter Pack with S/4HANA Cloud can massively decrease your information silos and boost your organizational transparency.

The aforesaid pack comes with the following –

  • Ariba Business Network (it helps in collaborating with other suppliers seamlessly and makes supply chain transactions much more efficient).
  • Asset Intelligence Network (it can aid you in collecting and sharing organizational data related to asset usage).
  • Logistics Business Network (with it, you can connect carriers and shippers with each other and enable them to find the best freight partner).

However, before we conclude, here’s a disclaimer.

Using the SAP Business Network Starter Pack can be a little tricky for people who aren’t too tech-savvy. So, it’s better to work with an expert who has an elaborate idea about it.

So, Should You Use RISE with SAP?

In our opinion – yes – you should definitely use RISE with SAP for your business. After all, it can help you extend the same in the best way possible. All of your proceedings will become a lot more agile and flexible. So you can easily complete your tasks quickly and accordingly.

And that’s not where it ends.

The cloud-based system of RISE with SAP is much, much better than the previous version as well. It’s a lot more secure and offers quite a bit of manageability too.

Yes, we understand.

It might be a little difficult for you to cope with the system at first.

But, if you want to create a scalable business, it’ll be better for you to integrate the system into your organization right away!

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