What is the advantage of NCERT class 11 biology book

What is the advantage of NCERT class 11 biology book?


Biology is a tough subject in class eleventh. It requires constant practice and acquaintance with the important concepts. Scoring good marks in class 11th Biology is very tough due to the vast syllabus and difficulty of the syllabus. There is already so much more than on the students that understanding a full-fledged subject like Biology becomes very difficult. In such a situation a student either depends on a coaching centre or tries to find books for assistance.

Understanding the solution

In such a situation it is important to provide for the best solution to end all this confusion. This solution can be none other than NCERT biology class 11 book. This is considered to be the best book for all the students who want to understand the basics of Biology in class 11th. It is a one stop solution to all the confusions and complicated concepts which cannot be understood otherwise.

It is the best companion for all the medical students in class 11th which will help them to qualify their CBSE and competitive exams. In order to understand the advantages of class 11th Biology NCERT book this article is a must. The list of these advantages has been given in the following way for the reference of the students so that they adopt this.

Helps to get an insight into the concepts

It is important to mention that the syllabus of biology is very huge in class 11th. It is considered to be one of the toughest subjects for the medical student due to the huge size of the syllabus only. It is a big jump from the class 10th Syllabus which is extremely easy to understand and grasp.

In such a situation it is extremely important to understand that instead of wasting your time upon devising a strategy to understand the syllabus you should straight away buy the NCERT book of biology. Itis considered to be one of the best solutions to almost every kind of problem. It is important to mention that the book has been able to summarise the syllabus in such an easy way that it becomes easier for the student to understand. You must pay extra attention on chapter 2 biology class 11 as it has a good weightage.

It has written the information in a very easy language so that even complicated concepts have been simplified. It is important for every student who wants to get the basic information about biology and pass the examination. Without the basic understanding no examination can be fulfilled.

Uses interactive methods of learning

Biology is a subject which cannot be understood with the help of theoretical technique. It can be only understood with the help of audio visual and other types of diagrams. The important concepts like the human reproductive system and other types of systems of the human body and animal body are easily explained with the help of diagrams.

They are also explained with the help of other types of audio visuals and 3D diagrams. Understanding through this visual simplifies the process. The complicated functioning of the systems inside the organisms can be understood with the help of these interactive methods.

This is the best technique of education that the NCERT books have been able to adopt in itself. It helps to explain the concepts even to the slow learners. It is already known that if a student understands the concepts with the help of diagrams, then the power of retention increases. You can easily summarise the concept even for the future.

Helps to get an access to practical problem solving

The biggest advantage of NCERT class 11th biology book is the access to practical problem solving questions. It is considered one of the biggest advantages of this book which cannot be discovered in any other book. The book of NCERT is the limitation to the CBSE examination.

Anything which is not present in the NCERT books cannot come in the CBSE examination. That is why the NCERT solution books are able to provide an access to problem solving questions. They are designed on the similar lines of the exact question paper that the students would be getting in the board exams.

It is considered to be the best way in which the potential of the student can be increased. It can be concluded ultimately that this is the best guide and information that the students can use for themselves. This is really helpful for boosting the confidence of the students and giving them an insight of the exact question paper.


It can be ultimately concluded that this is the best solution to almost every kind of problem. This particular NCERT book has been specially designed for every student. It can be used by the toppers and the weak students as well. It is a comprehensive book which is able to have a lot of advantages which have already been mentioned above. Join Infinity Learn classes and you can be a part of the best team for quick learning.


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