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What to Look for in Software for Fitness Studio Owners?

by Team Techager
What to Look for in Software for Fitness Studio Owners

Managing a gym is not easy, especially when you have a lot of clients. Informing every client regarding the gym schedule and linking each with a different trainer can be very hard. Moreover, keeping a track of gym payments and keeping an eye on every client’s progress report is really fussy and is not a single person’s work.

What if I tell you that you can manage this all with just a click and for a much less price than you would pay a gym manager? Well, the magical thing here is the online coaching fitness software. This software will help you with everything from managing a client’s schedule to making sure your client has several plans to choose from. Apart from streamlining client payments, this also comes with the advantage of generating progress reports.

Since you have to manage your business with this software, you should always choose the best option. Therefore, we have listed a few characteristics that make the software perfect to be use in gym management.

Things To Look For In Fitness Studio Software

Apart from running smoothly, fitness software should offer several complementary features. These might include fitness reports, video uploading options, and client profiles. The best part about fitness software is that you can manage your gym from any part of the world.

1.   Make Management Easy

Gym management software is to make your gym’s management process easy and lessen your mechanical work. It will make management easy in several ways. Besides managing several clients at once, you can manage everyone’s classes and keep a record of every trainer, client, and worker’s attendance. When charging by the hour, this online system should help you easily deduce the number of hours each client spends in the gym and charge accordingly.

If there are different trainers, you can easily fix clients with the trainer that fits them well. All this can be done online and does not require your presence in the gym. To make the process easier, you can upload each trainer’s timing along with their expertise to help clients choose for themselves.

2.   Questionnaires And Reports

Every client will require a different type of workout and will expect you to give them a fitness report. However, this is not possible manually. Therefore, fitness software comes to your rescue here as well. The advanced Al will do all the work of setting up your client with the best workout regime. Here, all your client will need to do is answer a few questions such as age, weight, height, and the results they want. The rest of the work will be done by the algorithm and it will give a list of the workouts that will fit well.

Moreover, the software will generate client progress reports. These will indicate improvement ratio and indicate areas that need to be worked on. As a result, you can work with your client to reach the desired results. It has also been seen that people tend to work better when there is a fear of accountability. Therefore, when you provide them with monthly fitness reports, they will tend to put in the hard work.

3.   Trainer And Client Profile

Having a trainer and client profile is essential for the fitness studio owners to establish a reputable network. The client profiles will work as your reviews while the trainer profiles will speak of the good work you are putting in your gym. Therefore, when anyone visits your fitness studio app, they will get all the information needed and your elaborate work will establish its credibility.

For the trainer profile, you can mention the education, expertise, and years of experience of each trainer. When it comes to client profiles, you can ask every client to create a profile on the software where they mention the type of workout regime they follow. Apart from this, the clients can also mention reviews and rate each trainer.

It is advisable to choose software that comes with the option of live chat. This can be used by new clients to chat with the trainer and every conversation will remain within the app. In this way, you will not be compromising anyone’s privacy and delivering a very professional image of your fitness studio. Make sure that your software offers separate profile creation for multiple users.

4.   Online Training

At times your client might not be able to attend gym class. Here is where you can help your clients by aiding them with online workouts. You can do this by uploading several workout videos. Moreover, video of each class can be uploaded on the app daily which will make it easy for the clients to access. As a result, they will not miss their workout regardless of whether they attend the class or not. This will attract your clients more and increase your reputation in the fitness coaching world.

By providing online workout sessions, you can cater to a vast population around the globe. This is not only good for expanding your business but it will make you connect with people around the globe. This way you can create your fitness community without even leaving the comfort of your home. However, this is only possible if you choose software that will let you upload workout videos remotely.

5.   Friendly User Interface

Before buying fitness software, you need to understand that it is not only to be used by you. Therefore, choose one that offers a user-friendly interface. Make sure that it is easy to use for clients from every background and does not require extensive learning. Moreover, your software is to be used by several people at once and it should not glitch. So, go for one that runs smoothly regardless of the number of users connected at a time.

Final Verdict

Gym management can be a fussy task, but having software to do it for you is just a piece of cake. However, when choosing a software make sure it caters to all your gym needs and does not put any restriction on the number of clients that can be managed.

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