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Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps for All Devices 2023 (iOS & Android)

by Team Techager
Best WhatsApp Tracking apps for All devices 2021 (iOS & Android)

Are you Parents and want to spy on your kids on WhatsApp? Here we discussed the 5 best WhatsApp Tracking apps which you can easily check your kids WhatsApp activities.

You know WhatsApp is an online massager app, you need a good internet connection to use it. With the help of WhatsApp, you can communicate with other people. Further, you can share text messages, voice recording, voice calling, video calling, and more than you can also share documents.

Why do you need these WhatsApp Trackers? Because if your kids are less than 18 years old then you must check WhatsApp activities. WhatsApp Trackers allow you to check the WhatsApp detail, with the help of WhatsApp trackers you can get satisfaction about your kids.

5 Best WhatsApp Tracking apps 2023

Don’t worry, you can use these apps for both Apple devices and Android devices. There are many alternatives tracking apps available to track WhatsApp messages. But here we discussed the best WhatsApp Trackers that are mentioned below:

  • Copy9
  • Highster Mobile
  • iKeyMonitor
  • PanSpy
  • TruthSpy.

Copy9 WhatsApp Tracker

One of the best WhatsApp tracking appCopy9”, is available for both iOS and Android. Copy9 allows you to check your kid’s WhatsApp activities. You can easily monitor your children’s WhatsApp history.

Copy9 offers three subscriptions that differ in price that are mentioned below, you can check and select subscription according to your requirements.

  • 1 month for $30.02
  • 6 months for $105.6
  • 1 Year for $184.8.
Copy9 offers three subscriptions
Image via Copy9 Prices (Copy9 offers three subscriptions)

Copy9 Features:

  • Viewing call logs
  • Reading SMS and MMS
  • Monitoring social media chats
  • Viewing contacts
  • Tracking GPS locations
  • Setting geofencing
  • Viewing multimedia files
  • Blocking unwanted apps
  • Restricting suspicious calls
  • Recording keyboard strokes
  • Setting restricted words.

Don’t use this app for illegal activities, it’s just for legal purposes such as you get info about your underage child, you can track your own device.

How to 100% Install Copy9 On a Target Phone?

To ensure that the app will function flawlessly, you need to follow the installation instructions:

  • The device should be rooted
  • Also, allow the installation from unknown sources
  • Download the apk file (from an official website)
  • Open & install it
  • Log in to your Copy 9 account. If you haven’t signed up with the app, do it right now
  • Set up all the needed permissions.

After you complete the installation, log in to your account and start monitoring a target device. The data and activity gathered by the app will be displayed in your Control Panel in a few minutes.

Highster Mobile Spy App

Highster Mobile WhatsApp tracking app is also available for both iOS and Android. You can easily download from here (the download link is mentioned below).

You can get daily info about your kid’s WhatsApp activities. The Highster Mobile app is not an expensive app; you can easily purchase it from an official website. It delivers reports directly to your internet account after it is installed.

Highster Mobile app features:

  • You can monitor the browser’s history
  • You can view all call logs
  • Looking through received and sent media files
  • Get all info about social media chats
  • Tracking GPS location in real-time
  • You can Manage passwords with the help of Keylogger.
Highster Mobile Spy App
Image via Highster Mobile (Highster Mobile Spy App)

You can choose any tracking app for tracking kids’ activities but make sure you won’t use it to violate others. Just use this app for legal purposes. And also check the target device’s compatibility before buying a subscription.

IKeyMonitor WhatsApp tracking app

IkeyMonitor WhatsApp tracking app is also available for all smartphones like other apps. This is the most popular app for use in the monitoring location of kids’ iPhones, iPad, and Android devices.

IKeyMonitor WhatsApp tracking app
Image via IKeyMonitor (IKeyMonitor WhatsApp tracking app)

Further, you can WhatsApp messages, calls logs, clipboards, voice messages on WhatsApp, photos, videos, SMS, GPS, Geo-fencing, chats, websites, keystrokes, screenshots, restricts apps, and games, and limits screen time.

PanSpy Spying app

PanSpy is one of the best and popular app for monitoring kid’s online activities. PanSpy has the most powerful and authentic tracking tools which you can check the detailed conversation logs and message times.

Further, you can check smartphone all call logs, private messages, saved contacts, online web browsing history, web bookmarks, social networks such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and GPS position, among other things.

TruthSpy app for Tracking

TruthSpy app has useful features such as you can read kids WhatsApp messages and further, you can check the attached file in WhatsApp messenger. The prices are also mentioned in the image:

TruthSpy app for Tracking
Image via TruthSpy (TruthSpy app for Tracking plans)

The basic purpose of the TruthSpy Tracking app is to monitor kid’s activities, don’t try this app for other illegal activities.

TruthSpy basic Features:

  • GPS Location
  • Call Logs
  • SMS Messages
  • Contact Logs
  • IM chats such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber
  • Voice Recording.


What are WhatsApp tracking apps?

WhatsApp tracking apps are software solutions that help monitor WhatsApp messages, calls, and activities on a target device, often used for parental control or employee monitoring purposes.

Are WhatsApp tracking apps legal?

WhatsApp tracking apps are legal if used with the consent of the person being monitored or if the device is owned by the person using the tracking app. Always check local laws and regulations before using such apps.

Can WhatsApp tracking apps work on both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, many WhatsApp tracking apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. However, always verify the compatibility of the chosen app with your specific device before installation.

How do I install a WhatsApp tracking app on my device?

Installation processes vary between apps. Typically, you need to download the app from the official website or app store, install it on the target device, and follow the in-app instructions to set up monitoring.

Are there any free WhatsApp tracking apps available?

While some WhatsApp tracking apps offer free trials or limited-feature versions, most reliable and feature-rich apps require a subscription or one-time payment for full access to their features.

Can I monitor WhatsApp activity without the target user knowing?

Some WhatsApp tracking apps provide stealth monitoring options, making it difficult for the target user to detect the app. However, always remember that monitoring someone without their consent may be illegal.

Do WhatsApp tracking apps require rooting or jailbreaking the device?

Some tracking apps may require rooting (Android) or jailbreaking (iOS) the target device to access advanced features. However, many apps offer basic WhatsApp monitoring features without needing to root or jailbreak the device.


Hope so you liked these tracking apps but don’t forget, you have to use these apps only for legal purpose. I’m personally using these apps when I need to monitor my kid’s online activities. We can’t stop kids from online activities but at least we can monitor all online activities and stop them from harmful activities. We recommend you use these tracking apps that are discussed in this content. Thanks for reading!

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