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Where to order the cheap anonymous dedicated server?

by Team Techager
Where to order the cheap anonymous dedicated server

We continue the series of articles about anonymity. Today we’ll hint you where to find the cheap dedicated server without entering your ID or bank card personification. The reasons for that doesn’t matter.

What is anonymous hosting?

The anonymous hosting is the instrument of the location of your website on the equipment registered on the pseudo name. It’s a combination of the letters and digits selected by the user or the system apply. That form has multiple advantages. Any user can simplify the registration and protect themselves from control. The latter is important for politically motivated or security resources.

These offers often combine with offshore locations. This word means foreign location. Sometimes the offshore server matches with DMCA ignoring, which is a bonus in the competitive world, where the opponents try to kill your web project claiming copyright issues. The positioning of the low cost dedicated server in the Netherlands not only protects you from these surprises but guarantees a low ping for the performance.

Top of anonymous hosting providers

We found the best provider who has qualitative dedicated server service. Consider that this type may be both physical and virtual.


This Ukrainian provider has data centers in Ukraine and Netherlands. VDS service is absent here. Besides the dedicated server as default service, it offers streaming and GPU branches. It’s helpful to host an anonymous website there.

The additional bonus is the DMCA-ignoring policy. That means nobody will block the political motived or club society suffering from copyright VSYS Host accepts crypto payments strengthening the privacyconcerns. The packages vary from $68 on discount tariff to $1000+ with GPU and considerable bandwidth.


This hosting provider has data centers everywhere in the world. It has multiple dedicated plans, including specialized services for games, storage or advanced solutions for demandful customers and applications. The cost starts from $88. Only a few offers have unmetered bandwidth. Most of them have traffic limits 5 or 10 TB.

The reviewers said that this provider accepts Bitcoin, but all listed systems on its website require bank card number field. However, the provider mentions the anonymous and DMCA-ignored service on its website.

Anonymous Spech

The name informs that its totally anonymous. It has the PDS and VDS options, according to the screenshot found in the network. The advantages are the wide range of processors plus peripheral components. However, the authors can’t guarantee that the price $20 for VDS is actual because their website doesn’t work. Or maybe our VPN is incorrect?

NB! This service is in the constant motion. The servers locate primarily in Asia. They don’t have the equipment in Europe and the USA. If you want a real DMCA-ignoring service, choose Hong Kong. There is no guarantee that the countries will tolerate politically motivated and religious projects.

These are not only anonymous solutions. Study the providers’ websites, build the networks, and don’t be afraid of something. If the provider values their clients, it will keep these intelligence private in the registrar cards.

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