Which iPhones will get iOS 16 iOS 16 Big News for Old iPhones

Which iPhones will get iOS 16: iOS 16 Big News for Old iPhones

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Which iPhone do you have? Because Apple is going to launch a new iOS 16 soon. Might be your iPhone won’t support iOS 16. So you read this content carefully if you want to check that your iPhone is not on the list of “Not supported iOS 16 iPhones”.

Currently, almost all Apple users are running iOS 15 on iPhone but some are still using iOS 14.8 version. But soon the Apple is bringing the new iOS 16 for specific iPhones. Recently, Apple will announce this version ios 16 in WWDC 2022. There will be starting the testing and launching the beta version. Then we will be able to download, instant and use the iOS 16.

Keep in mind that most Apple devices will not support the iOS 16. Apple will remove the support for iOS 16.

Why we need to check the iPhones that won’t support the iOS 16

If you are planning to buy a new iPhone or want to sell the old iPhone, you have to check this first that new or old iPhone will support the iOS 16.

Why we need to check the iPhones that won’t support the iOS 16? There are two reasons:

  • When you want to sell your old iPhones that won’t support the iOS 16, you have to sell now. Because after launch the iOS 16, your old iPhones can decrease the value and you can face the loss.
  • When you want to buy new iPhone from the market, keep in mind you should buy the iPhone that will support the iOS 16.

Which iPhones will support iOS 16

Keep in mind, if you purchased the latest version of iPhones such as iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 max, and so on, you will definitively get the iOS 16. Don’t be affair about this. these are the latest model of iPhones and you will get a new version for almost 5 to 6 years.

IPhones mentioned below that confirm will support the iOS 16:

  • IPhone 13 series
  • IPhone 12 series
  • IPhone 11 series
  • IPhone SE2
  • IPhone 10R, iPhone 10S, iPhone 10S Max
  • IPhone 8 and iPhone 8plus
  • IPhone 7 series

We can’t mention all model of iPhone here but keep in mind the iPhone 7 or up to this models will get the iOS 16. Might be this version iOS 16 is the last update for iPhone 7 series.

Which iPhones won’t support iOS 16

Now, we here discussed that which iPhones won’t support iOS 16. If you have iPhone 6 series such as iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus. You won’t receive the latest iOS 16 on such devices. Here are mentioned further:

  • IPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus or iPhone 6 series
  • IPhone 5 series
  • IPhone 4 series

IPhone 6 series or low then iPhone 6 series, all models won’t get latest iOS 16. Hope so you understood about this. If you have better and useful info related to iPhone iOS 16, kindly share with us through the comment box.

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