Why do Businesses Require Hybrid WAN

Why do Businesses Require Hybrid WAN?


When two separate WANs connect to a branch office, the traffic is dispersed over two different connections. It is called hybrid WAN or hybrid Wide Area Network. The traditional MPLS connection and the broadband or VPN connection are two of those connections.

The data center is connected by the traditional MPLS, and the broadband connects to the internet. If the connection is VPN, it connects to the data center.  Most of the traffic in business goes to the data center, but the route taken is that of the MPLS. But why does hybrid Wide Area Network matter?

Well, it solves a huge amount of problems, which transpire due to the older WAN architecture. You can ensure that latency and extra hops will be eliminated when the traffic is funneled to the internet. Generally, the hops and latency occur because the traffic advances to the data center.

If you utilize an MPLS link, it will be very expensive. But using a hybrid Wide Area Network can help direct traffic to the internet, allowing it to be affordable. Hence, it is cost-efficient.

The other benefit of using a hybrid Wide Area Network is that the user will be able to decide which is the best path or the link to proceed to the data center with the help of real-time monitoring. You can read further to learn about the hybrid Wide Area Network’s requirements in business. Before that, get to know what makes it different from the traditional Wide Area Network and the hybrid SD-WAN.

What makes the hybrid Wide Area Network different from the traditional WAN?

Many consider a hybrid Wide Area Network as the best option. Hence, the value of the traditional WAN has decreased. That’s because the optimization techniques of the traditional WAN are symmetrical.

Thanks to the hybrid Wide Area Network, you don’t have to be concerned about symmetrical optimization techniques. After all, the hybrid ones allow you to employ the internet connection and the MPLS link due to the asymmetrical optimization techniques.

What makes the hybrid Wide Area Network different from the hybrid SD-WAN?

Gartner Analyst Andrew Lerner states that using the hybrid Wide Area Network provides you with countless benefits. Some of the benefits include monitoring traffic with unified and improved visibility, reduced Wide Area Network costs as well as improved and simplified management orchestration of Wide Area Network devices and traffic.

Most of all, the hybrid Wide Area Network provides better security. Since this WAN works together with the SD-WAN, it can distribute the traffic easily by depending upon the intelligence of the software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

You can also transform a hybrid Wide Area Network into SD-WAN. For that, you have to add the SD-WAN technology. You will be able to control the configuration by using the policies with the help of hybrid SD-WAN.

In a nutshell, you can allow the branch office to reconfigure swiftly and effortlessly. In addition to this, you will attain a great application experience due to the seamless flow of traffic between the links without compromising on quality.

Why do all businesses need a hybrid Wide Area Network?

The deployment of the hybrid Wide Area Network allows the bandwidth to be efficient and eases the traffic congestion in the network. And yet, it is difficult to define policies that allow the flow of traffic to be comprehended with accuracy.

But thanks to the digital transformation, the hybrid wide-area network has a considerable influence on IT enterprises and various other industries. Many businesses have started migrating the applications to the cloud to attain their business goals.

Hence, many corporations are working on improving their hybrid WAN strategy. They are utilizing low-cost services and higher bandwidth with MPLS links. You can ensure improved network accessibility, application performance, and bandwidth capability.

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